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WrestleMania 36: Elias defeats King Corbin

The guy with the guitar will be the only noise being made, as there will be no one will be in the Performance Center to boo Corbin

Baron Corbin enters the ring during the WWE Live Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 28, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

UPDATE, 4/4: Elias defeats King Corbin.

After thinking he wouldn’t even be able to start the match after the brutal attack he took last week, King Corbin was a bit surprised to see Elias even walk to the ring. But once he took a guitar to the back, it was on for sure.

It took a handful of tights during the pin, but Elias walks out of the Performance Center with his first WrestleMania win.

This is a match between two WWE superstars. If you’re on the roster in WWE, you’re clearly a talented performer. If you make the WrestleMania card, you’re obviously someone that has done something right in your industry. And we actually still enjoy the Elias as lame guitar player gimmick, though it often works better when he’s a heel and just getting cheap heat in whatever city he’s in that night.

But man it’s going to be hard to get fired up for this one. The WWE has yet to find a way to pair what Elias does with a nice rivalry, and it likely won’t be with the guy on the roster that everyone loves to hate. And not good hate, but “please get this off my television” hate.

And dragging Baron/King Corbin is a national pastime amongst the infamous Internet Wrestling Community. They just can’t get the dude over no matter what they do, and that’s likely due to how poorly he was originally cast. He’s just Roman Reigns without a rocket.

Elias vs. King Corbin

How did this feud develop

Because why wouldn’t Rob Gronkowski be involved here? The “host” of WrestleMania put this match together. You can see all this awkward below. Or don’t and save yourself five minutes. You can actually save 10 if you use the time of this match this weekend to do something else instead of watching it.

Where this feud stands now

Elias sang a song about how much Corbin sucks, and then Corbin “threw him off” a stage high above the floor. I’ve seen better camerawork and editing from those videos where people put GoPro’s on their pets.

The pick

If a match airs only on the WWE Network, but everyone gets up to go to the refrigerator or the bathroom, does it really matter? I hope Elias goes over and maybe finds a better dance partner, and having him become a serious threat in the ring might be the next stage of his evolution as a character.

But I guess Corbin and his like 27th tragic repackaging wins here? Whatever. I won’t even know as I’ll be making some popcorn for the rest of the show when it airs in tribute.