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Breaking down picks for food popularity pool

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is cereal soup? You can answer food popularity questions like these on DraftKings to win cash prizes.

An Atlanta Braves fan gestures while wearing a hot dog hat during play against Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world might be at a standstill, but we’re still finding a way to bet on things. Draftkings Sportsbook is giving you an opportunity give your food takes on controversial topics. If you can select what will be the most popular choices, you can win $2,000. We break down what seem like the best picks to make below.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Odds are, you’ve had someone ask you this question before. People have been divided on what to categorize the forgotten stepchild of the sandwich world as, but it is meat between bread. I’d go with Merriam-Webster’s opinion here. A new era has begun, and the consensus is that hot dogs are indeed sandwiches.

Is cereal a soup?

Soup can be prepared both cold and hot, and that’s what could lead some people to believe that cereal could be categorized as a soup. But the masses know better. Soup is something that is prepared as a whole, rather than just pouring something into milk. The majority of people should answer this question with a no.

Best slice of pizza


A lot of people like a ton of toppings on their pizza, but I’m a classic cheese guy. I keep it simple. One thing I do know about this question is that we can eliminate the Hawaiian option straight off the bat, as the iconic argument over whether pineapple goes on pizza will surely enter the fray. Most people — including Gordon Ramsey — agree that it doesn’t. Then you have to account for the people who don’t eat pork, or meat altogether. Cheese might not be everyone’s favorite choice, but it’s the option the most people can enjoy.

Best snack food


Candy, chocolate, and cookies are common snack choices. I’m not going to give pretzels the time of day. How many of us can say we haven’t gone to town on a party size bag of chips though? I’m guessing not many.

Best ice cream flavor


I’m gonna go ahead an eliminate chocolate right off the bat, so this one is between vanilla and other. If you think about it, a lot of the complex flavors people like today are just vanilla ice cream with added toppings — including cookies and cream, rocky road, cookie dough, and others. The list goes on and on. Vanilla is a staple, so I think it will win out.

Best meal of the day


Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. The demand for 24/7 breakfast is strong, hence the popular diners all over the country. People want waffles and pancakes with their savory foods, so I’m rolling with breakfast here — even though I’m more of a dinner guy.

Best Midnight snack

Ice cream

Cereal is more of a breakfast food, and pizza is more of a meal than a snack. We’ve all been tempted to creep into the kitchen in the middle of the night and knife through the darkness with a full tub of ice cream with a spoon in hand though. Lactose intolerant or not, ice cream should reign supreme on the midnight snack list.

Best taco filling

Al Pastor
Carne Asada/Steak

This one is a toss up between carne asada and chicken. Both can be the standard t your average restaurant or taco truck, but I’ll stick with carne asada. There are some bad chicken tacos out there, so carne asada seems like a safer bet.

Best type of french fry

Sweet potato

Chick-fil-A stans might not like this, but waffle fries are not the move here. Some people might prefer sweet potato fries, but the majority don’t. Shoestring fries just aren’t filling enough in most situations. But people will go crazy if given an opportunity to indulge in some well-seasoned curly fries.

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