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Jackson State student manager “Snacks” drains deep 3-pointer on Senior Night

Thomas “Snacks” Lee made Jackson State bench go crazy after burying a three ball late in the victory.

Jackson State student manager Thomas Lee, aka Snacks, walks on the court with a chance to play on Senior Night.

The Jackson State Tigers student manager Thomas “Snacks” Lee had his moment to shine on Monday night, and he delivered. Late in Jackson State’s 76-56 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions, Snacks entered the game for Senior Night.

He came in and immediately missed his first three 3-pointers, but the last one mattered most when he stepped up from well beyond the arc to bury the deep ball, sending the arena into absolute chaos. You will never see a bench this excited at any point during March Madness.

Thatta boy, Snacks. What a moment.