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Best lineup strategy for Ravens vs. Patriots Madden simulation Showdown

DraftKings will have Showdown DFS contests for a simulated Madden games starting this weekend. We break down the best lineup strategy for Sunday’s Ravens-Patriots matchup.

There will be even more NFL DFS available this weekend, but it’ll be a little different from the simulations we’ve seen so far. Saturday’s matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots will be played out with a computer controlling both sides on Madden NFL 20 instead of using random game lines from the 2019-20 season. So, these scores will be based on a simulation, but one using Madden ‘20 game play.

The scoring will mirror that of a regular NFL DFS contest and rosters will not reflect any moves made following the 2019 season. So, if you are a Patriots fan and are super sad about Tom Brady heading to Tampa Bay, you can use him today!

You can also watch the simulations. DraftKings will provide a streaming link for each Simulated Football game where players can watch each game live. These games can also be watched within the Contest Gamecenter.

We break down the best lineup strategy for the Patriots hosting the Vikings below.

Captain’s Picks

Tom Brady, Patriots ($15,600)

The Patriots and Tom Brady we saw last season isn’t the same Brady and Pats we’ll get in Madden. Lamar Jackson does have a better overall Madden rating, but barely, as Jackson is 92 while Brady is at 91. In fantasy, we love Jackson for his rushing ability, which gives us plenty of fantasy points, but it’s hard to know how often Jackson will run in the simulation and his passing ability in Madden isn’t set up to give him a nine percent touchdown rate on pass attempts that he had in 2019. Jackson is of course a great play, but he also costs $2,400 more in the Captain’s slot. For a little less, you can relive the Brady glory days.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens ($18,100)

Jackson has a ton of upside as a rusher and as long as the simulation uses him like the team does, then he will pick up plenty of rushing yards and possibly a score or two. His passing ability on Madden according to the ratings, is still good, but not Brady-good and he also doesn’t have Julian Edelman and James White to throw to, who both have strong Madden Ratings, while Mark Andrews is the highest rated Ravens receiver at 85, compared to Edelman’s 87 and White’s 83. We are likely relying on Jackson’s rushing ability, which is head and shoulders above the crowd.

Flex Options

Julian Edelman, Patriots ($9,400)

Brady and Edelman have the highest awareness ratings in this matchup, as both are at 95, giving them a good chance to connect often in this matchup. Both teams have strong cornerback play, but the Patriots have the advantage with Stephon Gillmore and Jason McCourty over Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters, as the Patriots duo has a higher rating.

Edelman is the highest rated receiver in this matchup by a wide margin and the Ravens have a strong defensive line, which should limit Sony Michel’s efficiency and push Brady to throw underneath passes to Edelman and James White.

James White, Patriots ($7,800)

The Madden Patriots, like their real-life counterparts, are weak at receiver after Edelman, so White should be a useful target, especially with Brady’s superb short throw accuracy in the game and White’s catching rating, which is only surpassed by Christian McCaffrey.

Mohamed Sanu, Patriots ($7,000)

Sanu was hurting and played poorly for the Patriots after the Falcons traded him away, but his overall Madden rating makes him the Patriots second-best receiver and his price isn’t outrageous.