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Best lineup strategy for Packers vs. Vikings Madden simulation Showdown

DraftKings will have Showdown DFS contests for a simulated Madden games starting this weekend. We break down the best lineup strategy for Sunday’s Packers-Vikings matchup.

There will be even more NFL DFS available this weekend, but it’ll be a little different from the simulations we’ve seen so far. Sunday’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will be played out with a computer controlling both sides on Madden NFL 20 instead of using random game lines from the 2019-20 season. So, these scores will be based on a simulation, but one using Madden ‘20 game play.

The scoring will mirror that of a regular NFL DFS contest and rosters will not reflect any moves made following the 2019 season. So, if you are a Vikings fan and are super sad about Stefon Diggs getting traded, you can use him today!

You can also watch the simulations. DraftKings will provide a streaming link for each Simulated Football game where players can watch each game live. These games can also be watched within the Contest Gamecenter.

We break down the best lineup strategy for the Packers hosting the Vikings below.

Captain’s Picks

Davante Adams, Packers ($15,900)

Adams is the sole receiver you can count on for the Packers and he and Rodgers are the highest rated between these two teams at their positions. Just like in real life, Adams should be the highest targeted receiver for the Packers and the Vikings highest rated cornerbacks have 78 ratings, which ranks them 48th overall. Whoever Adams gets matched up with should be beatable with his 94 rating.

Dalvin Cook, Vikings, ($12,900)

Cook has the highest Madden Rating at running back with a 90 while Aaron Jones sits at 87. It’s hard to predict game script in a simulation like this, but Cook’s ability and usage when healthy last season was great, as he saw lead back work on the ground and through the air.

Flex Options

Aaron Rodgers, Packers ($10,400)

Rodgers ranks sixth out of all the quarterbacks in Madden rating with an 89 compared to Cousins who ranks 12th with an 82. Of course, the Vikings have two No. 1 caliber receivers to the Packers single No. 1, but that single player is Davante Adams, who has a 94 rating, slightly ahead of Diggs and Adam Thielen and with a better matchup.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings ($7,200)

Finding cheaper plays to fill your lineups with is tough to do, as we just don’t know who other than the top players will get chances. Both tight ends in this matchup, Jimmy Graham and Rudolph, have decent ratings compared to their usual real life fantasy scores, but Rudolph has the best of the two, ranking 14th in the league with an 84 awareness rating, ranking 6th for tight ends in the league.