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Watch draft prospect Mekhi Becton pushing a 5,000 pound truck

Mekhi Becton is a potential top ten draft pick. This video of him pushing an F-150 truck likely won’t change that, but for less known prospects, it could be worth trying out!

Mekhi Becton pushing a truck

UPDATE: Apparently the truck is over 7,000 pounds!

Even as the Covid-19 outbreak prevents pro days and team visits are cut off leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft, college prospects are remaining busy. Prospects are doing their own workouts and working with coaches to continue preparing for the draft and their eventual rookie season.

Noted offensive lineman training guru Duke Manyweather posted a video Friday afternoon showing likely first round pick Mekhi Becton doing some sled work — only it’s with a truck!

In watching the video, we see it’s an F-150 and on the right side it appears to say it’s the Raptor version. A quick search suggests that is over 5,500 pounds, which I’m pretty sure is heavier than those individual sleds we see offensive linemen pushing in drills and training.

The upcoming draft is going to be an interesting one because the NFL league office is pushing forward with it even as some general managers have complained about the logistics. There are complaints about not being able to re-check medical issues, verify measurements and meet more extensively with a player.

Every year there’s a prospect or two who has a viral video show up doing something ridiculous that is only moderately related to the sport of football. It usually is not enough to get a player drafted since there are plenty of opportunities to assess the player’s overall abilities.

However, this year a viral video very well could be enough to get a player on the radar for a late round pick. Mekhi Becton is not such a player, but if I’m a player on the fringe of the draft, I’d do whatever I could to get a viral video out there between now and the draft. Maybe it doesn’t help, but there’s nothing to lose in a unique period in draft history.