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Best Texans-centric lineup strategy for Texans vs. Saints simulation Showdown

We break down the best Texans-centric Showdown lineup strategy for Saturday’s Texans-Saints Madden simulation.

The Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints will face off in a simulated Madden matchup Saturday at 8:00 p.m. ET. DraftKings will have a Showdown contest available for the game. You could use a mixture of players from both teams to build your lineup, but we break down the best Texans-centric lineup.

Captain’s Picks

Deshaun Watson, QB, Texans ($15,600)

Watson is just inside the top 10 for Madden quarterbacks. While his throwing attributes won’t wow you, he has a respectable receiving corps consisting of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller V, and Kenny Stills. His connection wit Hopkins and ability to extend plays with his legs are his best assets, and he should be able to do that against New Orleans.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Saints ($15,000)

This rosters in this game will be identical to the ones each team ended the regular season with, so Hopkins hasn’t been traded to the Arizona Cardinals just yet. He’s only rated one point lower than Michael Thomas and has better speed, acceleration, and strength. His 98 catching can make him lethal, and he accounts for a massive amount of Watson’s passing yards and passing touchdowns. The duo should attempt to connect as much as possible.

Flex Men

Lamar Miller, RB, $8,200

Injuries aren’t a factor here, and that means Miller is back in the picture. His 92 speed, 91 acceleration, and 92 agility make him a threat in the open field. It’s unclear how Houston will adjust and use Carlos Hyde (3,000) and Duke Johnson ($2,000), but Miller should get the bulk of the touches and is the biggest threat out of the backfield.

Kenny Stills, WR, $6,200

Houston has a ton of speed outside, as Stills and Fuller ($7,000) both have speed above 90. Fuller is the Texans’ second option at wide receiver, but Stills is cheaper with similar upside. Both players are solid flex options, but Stills’ better catching could make him a sturdier pick.