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Best Saints-centric lineup strategy for Texans vs. Saints simulation Showdown

We break down the best Saints-centric Showdown lineup strategy for Saturday’s Texans-Saints Madden simulation.

The Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints will face off in a simulated Madden matchup Saturday at 8:00 p.m. ET. DraftKings will have a Showdown contest available for the game. You could use a mixture of players from both teams to build your lineup, but we break down the best Saints-centric lineup.

Captain’s Picks

Drew Brees, QB, Saints ($16,500)

Brees is one of the highest rated (94) quarterbacks in the game and has a plethora of elite weapons at his disposal. Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Jared Cook should spread the Texans’ defense thin. Houston’s secondary is far from good, and Brees’ deep throw accuracy (91) ranks third in the game. This game is set up for him and Thomas to thrive.

Michael Thomas, WR, Saints ($16,200)

Thomas is the only wide receiver in the game with a 99 rating. His chemistry with Brees is undeniable, and he’s sure to get more targets than any other player in the contest. He’s not the fastest, strongest, or the mist agile, but his 99 catching means he probably won’t drop many balls thrown his way. He’s one of the safest picks you can make in this matchup because of that.

Flex Men

Jared Cook, TE, $7,800

Cook is New Orleans’ second highest rated (87) pass catcher, so there’s a good chance he sees a solid amount of passes thrown his way. Thomas should demand a ton of attention from the defense. All of Houston’s linebackers are below average when it comes to pass coverage, so Cook could end up having a field day.

Alvin Kamara, RB, $9,000

Kamara is a threat as a runner and receiver out of the backfield. He’s a likely candidate to get more touches than every player but Brees on the Saints, and that means his ceiling is high. His stats might not have been gaudy in 2019, but he’s one of the most dangerous threats in the game at his position. Only five running backs are above his 89 rating.