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Monday Night Raw Review and Oddscast: Picking winners for Wrestlemania 36

We find three smarks for a post-Raw video chat, and pick some winners for the Showcase of The Immortals coming April 4th and 5th

Kevin Owens is attacked by Roman Reigns during to the WWE Live Duesseldorf event at ISS Dome on February 22, 2017 in Duesseldorf, Germany. Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images

What an exciting 1400th edition of Raw! We saw a match from five years ago on tape! And then a match from WrestleMania two years ago! And then “live” promos (actually pretty good ones honestly) being cut in front empty stands. Just what the art form of professional wrestling was designed for!

Yes, ‘rasslin in the world of coronavirus is frustrating. But after tonight’s show, we got together with a couple friends/smarks for a quick 30 minute show going over the WrestleMania card and picking who we think leaves the Performance Center as a winner next weekend.

Make sure you sign up for the DraftKings WrestleMania Challenge, and win cash prizes for free based on who you think wins at the Showcase of The Immortals!

And if you missed the rather forgettable March 23rd edition of Monday Night Raw, we’ll give you the lowdown here.

AJ Styles challenges The Undertaker to a... Boneyard Match?

Don’t worry, the announce team of Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton didn’t know what it was either.

AJ came out with Gallows and Anderson, engaged in some non-social distancing by doing the Bullet Club-Too Sweet. After some non-focused Georgian rambling, he challenged the Dead Man to a Boneyard Match. First you insult a man’s wife non-stop, and now you make up a match that doesn’t exist? This feud is weird.

Anyway, the Phenomenal One and The Old Guy are going to have at it and do... something. And it probably won’t be in a ring at the Performance Center, so look for an off-site taping here. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into something awful like that House of Horrors match you hopefully forgot about until I just linked it here.

Seth Rollins owned Kevin Owens’ soul

Seth can be a bit overplayed at times, and doesn’t always have the most interesting character arc, but he was brilliant in his promo he cut on Kevin Owens tonight. Owens came out to the ring, called for Rollins to join him, but the Monday Night Messiah never stepped foot in the Performance Center ring. Instead he just took a lap around the squared circle with a microphone, and owned KO pretty hard. It’s worth a watch.

Becky Lynch chair shots Shayna Baszler

The Man took out the Queen of Spades mid-interview with Charli Caruso. It wasn’t very nice or sporting of her, but then she didn’t really rough her up afterwards. Why not soften her up a bit more ahead of Mania? We don’t get it either.

Randy Orton accepts Edge’s challenge for a Last Man Standing match

Just a couple of dudes in their 40’s that are gonna beating each other up for some reason. Orton actually cuts a pretty good promo to finish off the show, and since she’s been name-checked in the buildup, it would be fun to see the Rated-R Superstar’s WWE Hall of Fame wife Beth Phoenix get involved in the match as well.

But if we really want to make this spicy, let’s have The Viper get Lita involved too. Orton’s music hits, he walks in from stage right, smirks, looks stage left... and there’s the woman that left Matt Hardy for Edge?? Let’s do this! OK I’ll stop fantasy booking now. But if we’re going to do nostalgia wrestling, let’s really lean in and play the hits.