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Korean Baseball League delays Opening Day until at least April 20th

The league has decided to postpone play to due the coronavirus outbreak

Ha Seong Kim of team South Korea hit a two run homerun during the WBSC Premier 12 final game between Japan and South Korea at the Tokyo Dome on November 17, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

For people in search of live sports across the globe, there was hope that the Korean Baseball League might be a spot of light and get games back on the calendar. But due to the coronavirus outbreak still not being contained in South Korea, the Korea Baseball Organization has decided to hold off on the start of the season.

With the virus outbreak in Korea lessening for the first time due to massive government intervention, it is possible that unlike so many sports seasons across the world that have been temporarily suspended only to be later cancelled, this one might actually be resumed.

The KBO has 10 teams, each playing 144 games per year. Nine of the ten teams in the league are named for corporate entities, and it’s the most popular sporting league on the Korean peninsula. There are three foreign players allowed per team, and games that play 12 innings and are tied end as a tie during the regular season.

The Kia Tigers have won 11 championships to lead all teams.