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Do you have a deal? Play DraftKings Shark Tank pick ‘em pool and win up to $10,000

What are your sales? How’d you get that valuation? It doesn’t matter if you answer these 11 questions about Friday night’s Shark Tank correctly!

Daymond John visits Build to discuss his book Powershift at Build Studio on March 10, 2020 in New York City. Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

One of the most popular shows on television can help you win $10,000 tonight at DraftKings for free! Tomorrow night Shark Tank airs on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET, and you can watch follow along and enter this contest to win by guessing what will happen when enterprising people seek money and mentorship from five business sharks.

Shark Tank brings entrepreneurs from across the country with startup businesses for everything from food items to some products you very well might have at home already. Leveraging the capital and connections of the five successful business people on stage to grow their companies is what the show does, but there are for sure some notes it hits every week.

Did you know Kevin O’Leary is grouchy? That Lori Greiner works with QVC? That Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks? Well by the end of basically every episode you would. And that info will inform our best bets for tonight’s Shark Tank Daily Fantasy Contest.

We take a look at a few of the 11 questions, and pick some best bets to help you find the money!

What will the result of the first pitch be?

  • Deal accepted
  • Deal offered but rejected
  • No deal offered

Each Shark Tank episode does follow a certain rhythm, and they tend to start on a positive note. So we’re going with “deal accepted” here, as the person who gets laughed out of the place for a dumb idea or a really awful valuation is usually later in the episode.

Will Kevin (Mr. Wonderful) offer a deal involving a royalty?

  • Yes
  • Kevin not on episode
  • No

This one is tough because you’ve got to fade two questions, but the answer to both is likely yes. First: Kevin has to be on the show. He’s one of the most consistent sharks in terms of attendance however, so you’re probably good there. Secondly, he’s got to make one of his famous deals where he wants his capital back as quickly as possible and then a portion of your business forever.

Will Lori say the term “QVC”?

  • Yes
  • Lori not on episode
  • No

Is the show airing on a day that ends in “y”? Has Lori spent more time in suburban Philadelphia selling stuff than most of the cheesesteak shops? This is a gift yes, as long as she shows up.

Will there be a group shark deal accepted in the episode?

  • Yes
  • No

We’re going to lean yes, as over the latest episodes it does seem that the sharks are more willing to pair up and each invest in a business while working together. Sometimes it’s more fun when no one wants to be in business with “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary, but it doesn’t happen often enough to pick no here.