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Josh Johnson, Rashad Ross, Cardale Jones lead DFS salaries for XFL debut

The XFL debuts this weekend, and with it comes DraftKings daily fantasy football. We have a look at all the salaries for the weekend.

Quarterback Josh Johnson of the Detroit Lions throws a pass in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns on August 29, 2019 at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland won 20-16. Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The 2019 NFL season is a wrap, but that doesn’t mean football is over. And no, we don’t mean free agency and the 2020 NFL Draft.

The XFL is back! Vince McMahon’s 2001 failure is back in a new form with what seems like a slightly more structured format to build some sustainable success. The eight-team league kicks off this weekend, with two games on Saturday, February 8th and two games on Sunday, February 9th.

The new league features a host of rule changes that could speed up the game and create some more action. The talent level is a decided step down from the NFL, so the league is adjusting the game flow to bring a different kind of entertainment to the field.

The rule changes will impact what kind of numbers players put up, and that will be something to track as XFL daily fantasy football officially launches. DraftKings has partnered with the new league to offer DFS contests. Week 1 prices have arrived, which we’ve included in a table below.

Notable names dominate the pricing, with quarterbacks Josh Johnson, Cardale Jones, Matt McGloin, and Connor Cook all at or near the top. It’s worth noting Johnson has not been practicing this week and might not play in Week 1. Charles Kanoff is his backup.

Among non-QBs, wide receivers Rashad Ross, Mekale McKay, and Sammie Coates lead the way. Ross and McKay shined in the short-lived AAF, while Sammie Coates hade a decent 2016 with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Running backs are coming up further behind, with Christine Michael the most notable name and showing up atop the list of RB salaries. Kenneth Farrow and Cameron Artis-Payne are well known enough that we’ll see them on rosters.

It’s no surprise that defenses bring up the rear. D/STs in general are tough to call, but in a league with no baseline of information, it’s all the more interesting. Offenses will struggle with timing, which could benefit defenses. At the same time, the defenses have not had any time together, so who knows who much they might struggle.

XFL salaries, Week 1

Position Name Team Salary Game Info
Position Name Team Salary Game Info
QB Josh Johnson LA 10700 LA@HOU
WR Rashad Ross DC 10400 SEA@DC
QB Cardale Jones DC 10200 SEA@DC
WR Mekale McKay NY 9900 TB@NY
QB Matthew McGloin NY 9700 TB@NY
QB Connor Cook HOU 9400 LA@HOU
WR Sammie Coates HOU 9300 LA@HOU
QB Landry Jones DAL 9200 STL@DAL
WR Eli Rogers DC 9100 SEA@DC
QB Aaron Murray TB 9000 TB@NY
WR Jeff Badet DAL 8800 STL@DAL
QB Jordan Ta'amu STL 8700 STL@DAL
WR Nelson Spruce LA 8500 LA@HOU
RB Christine Michael STL 8400 STL@DAL
QB Philip Nelson DAL 8300 STL@DAL
WR Keenan Reynolds SEA 8100 SEA@DC
QB Brandon Silvers SEA 8000 SEA@DC
RB Jhurell Pressley DC 7900 SEA@DC
QB Phillip Walker HOU 7800 LA@HOU
WR Kasen Williams SEA 7700 SEA@DC
RB Elijah Hood LA 7500 LA@HOU
WR Seantavius Jones TB 7400 TB@NY
RB Kenneth Farrow SEA 7200 SEA@DC
QB BJ Daniels SEA 7000 SEA@DC
WR Nick Truesdell TB 6900 TB@NY
RB Cameron Artis-Payne DAL 6800 STL@DAL
QB Taylor Heinicke STL 6700 STL@DAL
QB Tyree Jackson DC 6600 SEA@DC
WR Keith Mumphery STL 6600 STL@DAL
QB Marquise Williams NY 6500 TB@NY
WR Brandon Barnes LA 6400 LA@HOU
QB Taylor Cornelius TB 6400 TB@NY
QB Jalan McClendon LA 6300 LA@HOU
RB DeVeon Smith TB 6300 TB@NY
QB Luis Perez NY 6200 TB@NY
WR De'Mornay Pierson-El STL 6200 STL@DAL
RB Lawrence Cook NY 6100 TB@NY
QB Nick Fitzgerald STL 6100 STL@DAL
QB Charles Kanoff LA 6000 LA@HOU
QB Chase Litton TB 6000 TB@NY
QB Eric Dungey DAL 6000 STL@DAL
WR Saeed Blacknall LA 5900 LA@HOU
RB Nick Holley HOU 5800 LA@HOU
WR Austin Proehl SEA 5700 SEA@DC
WR Tre McBride LA 5500 LA@HOU
WR Colby Pearson NY 5300 TB@NY
RB Donnel Pumphrey DC 5100 SEA@DC
WR Cam Phillips HOU 5100 LA@HOU
WR Cole Hunt STL 4900 STL@DAL
RB Matt Jones STL 4800 STL@DAL
DST Renegades DAL 4700 STL@DAL
WR Deandre Thompkins DC 4600 SEA@DC
RB De'Angelo Henderson HOU 4500 LA@HOU
WR Antonio Callaway TB 4400 TB@NY
RB Lance Dunbar DAL 4400 STL@DAL
WR Connor Hamlett SEA 4300 SEA@DC
RB Jacques Patrick TB 4300 TB@NY
DST Defenders DC 4200 SEA@DC
RB Justin Stockton NY 4200 TB@NY
WR Jazz Ferguson DAL 4200 STL@DAL
RB Trey Williams SEA 4100 SEA@DC
WR Kahlil Lewis HOU 4100 LA@HOU
RB DuJuan Harris LA 4000 LA@HOU
WR Marcus Lucas STL 4000 STL@DAL
RB Quinton Flowers TB 3900 TB@NY
DST Guardians NY 3900 TB@NY
WR Flynn Nagel DAL 3900 STL@DAL
WR Simmie Cobbs DC 3800 SEA@DC
RB Andre Williams HOU 3800 LA@HOU
WR Sean Price DAL 3800 STL@DAL
RB Darius Victor NY 3700 TB@NY
DST Vipers TB 3700 TB@NY
WR L'Damian Washington STL 3700 STL@DAL
RB Ja'Quan Gardner SEA 3600 SEA@DC
WR Donteea Dye TB 3600 TB@NY
WR EJ Bibbs NY 3600 TB@NY
WR Dontez Byrd SEA 3500 SEA@DC
RB Larry Rose LA 3500 LA@HOU
DST Wildcats LA 3500 LA@HOU
RB Nick Brossette DC 3400 SEA@DC
WR Alonzo Moore SEA 3400 SEA@DC
WR Reece Horn TB 3400 TB@NY
WR Khari Lee DC 3300 SEA@DC
WR Adonis Jennings LA 3300 LA@HOU
RB Mack Brown TB 3300 TB@NY
WR Joe Horn NY 3300 TB@NY
RB Khalid Abdullah DC 3200 SEA@DC
DST Roughnecks HOU 3200 LA@HOU
WR Teo Redding NY 3200 TB@NY
WR Jalen Tolliver TB 3200 TB@NY
WR Evan Rodriguez SEA 3100 SEA@DC
WR Levonte Whitfield LA 3100 LA@HOU
WR Ryheem Malone HOU 3100 LA@HOU
RB Sherman Badie STL 3100 STL@DAL
RB Lenard Tillery STL 3100 STL@DAL
DST BattleHawks STL 3100 STL@DAL
RB Ryan Yurachek DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR John Santiago SEA 3000 SEA@DC
WR Frank Brown DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Rashard Davis DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Malachi Dupre DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Deion Holliman DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Malachi Jones SEA 3000 SEA@DC
WR Max McCaffrey DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Richard Mullaney DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Reuben Mwehla SEA 3000 SEA@DC
WR Tyler Palka DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Jalen Rowell DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Bobo Wilson DC 3000 SEA@DC
WR Sergio Bailey SEA 3000 SEA@DC
DST Dragons SEA 3000 SEA@DC
RB James Butler HOU 3000 LA@HOU
RB Martez Carter LA 3000 LA@HOU
RB Winston Dimel LA 3000 LA@HOU
RB James Wilder Jr. LA 3000 LA@HOU
RB Marquez Williams HOU 3000 LA@HOU
RB Steve McShane HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Ray Bolden HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Devin Gray HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Jalen Greene LA 3000 LA@HOU
WR DeQuan Hampton LA 3000 LA@HOU
WR Blake Jackson HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Sam Mobley HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Jalen Saunders HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Hunter Sharp HOU 3000 LA@HOU
WR Jordan-Elijah Bryant LA 3000 LA@HOU
WR Jonah Trinnaman HOU 3000 LA@HOU
RB Tommy Bohanon NY 3000 TB@NY
RB Matthew Colburn NY 3000 TB@NY
RB Tarean Folston TB 3000 TB@NY
RB Marcus Murphy TB 3000 TB@NY
RB Ralph Webb TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Daniel Williams TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Stacy Coley TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Ryan Davis TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Austin Duke NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Tanner Gentry NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Rannell Hall TB 3000 TB@NY
WR J-Shun Harris NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Quadree Henderson NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Justice Liggins NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Tanner McEvoy TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi NY 3000 TB@NY
WR Chris Thompson TB 3000 TB@NY
WR Deangelo Yancey NY 3000 TB@NY
RB Dimitri Flowers DAL 3000 STL@DAL
RB Keith Ford STL 3000 STL@DAL
RB Austin Walter DAL 3000 STL@DAL
RB Marquis Young DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Alonzo Russell STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Freddie Martino DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Carlton Agudosi STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Daniel Braverman STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Ryan Broyles DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Joshua Crockett DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Steven Dunbar DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR DeVozea Felton STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Jerrod Heard DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Ishmael Hyman STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR TommyLee Lewis DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Kelvin McKnight DAL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Brandon Reilly STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Wes Saxton STL 3000 STL@DAL
WR Julian Allen DAL 2900 STL@DAL
WR Keenen Brown NY 2800 TB@NY
WR Donald Ernsberger DC 2700 SEA@DC
WR Jake Powell NY 2700 TB@NY
WR Colin Thompson TB 2700 TB@NY
WR Cam Clear SEA 2600 SEA@DC
WR Derrick Hayward DC 2600 SEA@DC
WR Donald Parham DAL 2600 STL@DAL
WR Jace Amaro SEA 2500 SEA@DC
WR Orson Charles DC 2500 SEA@DC
WR Colin Jeter SEA 2500 SEA@DC
WR Benjamin Johnson SEA 2500 SEA@DC
WR Marcus Baugh LA 2500 LA@HOU
WR Bucky Hodges LA 2500 LA@HOU
WR Scott Orndoff LA 2500 LA@HOU
WR DeAndre Goolsby TB 2500 TB@NY
WR Garrett Hudson NY 2500 TB@NY
WR Jake Sutherland NY 2500 TB@NY
WR Keith Towbridge NY 2500 TB@NY
WR Cole Wick TB 2500 TB@NY
WR Ethan Wolf STL 2500 STL@DAL