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Predicting what will happen with Andre Iguodala before deadline

The veteran has wanted out of Memphis since being shipped there. We look at whether he’ll be dealt before the deadline on Thursday.

Iguodala is the most obvious trade candidate in the NBA. He hasn’t even stepped on the floor since being shipped from Golden State to Memphis in the offseason, and immediately made it clear he wouldn’t be playing for the Grizzlies. The interesting aspect here is that Memphis has elected to wait so late to make a move, when we knew he wasn’t going to play.

The other thing we didn’t expect was for Memphis to actually be good — sitting at 25-25 overall, and in the eight-seed in the west. This has the potential to be a playoff team. Ja Morant and his teammates have actually been throwing shade at Iggy on Twitter, saying that since he doesn’t want to help this team make a playoff push, they’re looking forward to beating him on his new team. You’d think that’d make a trade even more likely.

Will Andre Iguodala get traded before the deadline?

Considering Memphis has the option to get either nothing, or some assets for a player that’ll never suit up for them, I think the answer is obvious. Any contender would be happy to add Iggy. The Miami Heat have reportedly joined the conversation, and have a few different contacts that’d match well for a swap. If Miami adds a draft pick that Memphis considers valuable, that could be a key piece.

Prediction: Iguodala goes to the highest bidder (Miami).