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Super Bowl 54 was 10th most-watched Super Bowl in NFL history, per FOX Sports

A lot of people watched Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs beat the 49ers in Super Bowl 54.

A general view as the San Francisco 49ers prepare to take a snap against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium. James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL closed out another big season of television ratings, and the 2020 Super Bowl was another big one. FOX Sports tweeted that 102 million people tuned in to the game on FOX, FOX Deportes, and various FOX, NFL, and Verizon digital properties. They are claiming this as the tenth-most watched Super Bowl in NFL history.

NFL legend Gil Brandt tweeted out some different numbers. He reported that 99.9 million viewers watched the game on the main FOX feed of the game, and that number was up one percent vs. CBS last year.

Last year’s game had a reported 98.19 million television viewers watching what was the lowest viewed game in a decade. The 102 million figure would be the third lowest in that time span. From 2010 to 2017, the Super Bowl exceeded 106 million viewers each year, and had over 111 million six of those years.

The NFL is currently negotiating with the NFLPA for a new collective bargaining agreement. The CBA expires next year and television ratings will be something to keep an eye on. There’s all sorts of money to be made and both sides will shout out pertinent ratings from the mountain top.