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Predicting what will happen with D'Angelo Russell before deadline

Trade talks centering around the Warriors’ D’Angelo Russell have intensified. Will he be moved before the deadline?

Many assumed that D’Angelo Russell would be moved in a mid-season trade once he was acquired by the Golden State Warriors via sign-and-trade, but not under circumstances like this. The Dubs have fallen apart following the departure of Kevin Durant and injuries to Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. There’s no chance they’ll contend for a title this year, but they do have a chance to use Russell’s trade value as a means to build for the future.

Will D’Angelo Russell get traded before the deadline?

Russell is averaging a career high 23.8 points in 32 games with with the Warriors this year and the interest of suitors has amplified as the February 6th trade deadline approaches. He has a heft contract though, and is set to make $117 million over the next four years. The Minnesota Timberwolves have long been shipping a team up between Russell and his good friend Karl-Anthony Towns and are in serious need of a point guard. The New York Knicks have also entered the conversation as they search for the cornerstone of their franchise. Golden State has already had to get creative with its books, and dumping Russell’s salary might be the best long-term move to create flexibility. Reports say the Warriors are listening to pitches, and a reasonable scenario could emerge shortly.

Prediction: Will be traded.