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Mitchell Wilcox takes football to the face in Combine gauntlet

Tight end Mitchell Wilcox was having a fine start to the NFL Combine. Then he got in the face with a football.

Mitchell Wilcox hit in the face by a football during the pass catching gauntlet drill.

Jan 1, 2021 update: Congrats to Wilcox on his promotion to the Bengals active roster!

UPDATE, Friday 5: p.m.: Wilcox suffered a popped blood vessel in his left eye when he took the ball to the face. He’ll re-do his physical drills at a pro day on March 30th.

UPDATE, 6:59 p.m.: Wilcox seems to be taking it in stride:

Mitchell Wilcox is having a rough day at the NFL Combine. He ran a 4.86 40, the second-slowest time amongst Gauntlet Drill at the NFL Combine today could have gone slightly better. His measurables came out fine: Height 6-3 4/8. Weight: 247. Hand: 9 1/8, so bigger than Joe Burrow.

But yeah he had a tough time during the Gauntlet Drill, including taking a football to the face.

He actually made the next catch after taking the pigskin to the dome, but it looks like it started to affect him a bit more as he got towards the other sideline.

We’re glad he’s ok, and he’s got plenty of game film to show he can play NFL Football as a four-year starter at South Florida. He had 100 catches and 1326 yards in his career with the Bulls.

But unfortunately, this is a video that might not be forgotten until he makes his next key play in the NFL.