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Full list of Week 4 XFL rankings for daily fantasy football

We run down fantasy football rankings for every position head into Week 4 of the XFL season.

Houston Roughnecks wide receiver Cam Phillips and wide receiver Kahlil Lewis celebrate after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter against the Los Angeles Wildcats in a XFL football game at TDECU Stadium. Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We now have three weeks of XFL games under our belt and we’re starting to get a little better handle on which teams are good and which aren’t quite there. But like any league, there will be plenty of surprises from game to game and we saw that in Week 3 with a major upset in L.A.

The power rankings heading into Week 3 had the DC Defenders as either the No. 1 or 2 team and nobody had cause to dispute that ranking, that is, until the 0-2 LA Wildcats rolled over them easily, 39-9. In retrospect, wins over the Seattle Dragons and NY Guardians don’t seem that impressive, so the result can fit into our ever expanding knowledge of the league.

There’s no doubt that the Wildcats took a huge step forward after starting 0-2 and their quarterback, Josh Johnson, played well enough to get the Wildcats back into the conversation as one of the better teams. But the Dallas Renegades and St. Louis BattleHawks also played well enough to throw their hats into the ring.

The Houston Roughnecks didn’t stomp the Tampa Bay Vipers like some expected, but they continued their aerial onslaught, as P.J. Walker once again connected with Cam Phillips for three touchdowns. Phillips has now accounted for all six of Walker’s touchdown passes in the last two weeks! The Rougnecks are clearly the best team in the league after averaging 33 points a game on their way to being the only undefeated team and a game ahead of Dallas in the West Division. Dallas and Houston meet up for the first time this week in what should be a good and high-scoring matchup.

Getting a better handle on these teams should help us rank players more accurately as we move forward. Below we have our Week 4 rankings for each position and their price for daily fantasy football. At DraftKings, you start a QB, an RB, two wide receivers, two flex players, and one defense/special teams unit. This league is extremely quarterback and wide receiver focused, as running backs have run for 11 touchdowns and quarterbacks have thrown for or run in 42, so don’t get too running back friendly in your lineups.


P.J. Walker is pricey, but he’s the safest quarterback going in the league. His matchup with the pass-happy Renegades makes both him and Landry Jones high-upside options this week, as the Roughnecks have allowed 68 points, third most in the league, and scored 99, by far the most.

The Wildcats QB, Josh Johnson. appears to be fully healthy and put on a clinic last week, missing just five passes on 25 attempts. Unfortunately he won’t have the services of his top receiver, Nelson Spruce, who is out for the game. That knocks him down below Landry Jones for me, but he looked too good to not keep high in the rankings.

Jordan Ta’amu had a down game last week due to the BattleHawks special teams and running game doing much of the work in a decisive win. Ta’amu just wasn’t lucky last week in the scoring department and didn’t need to run the ball as much as he has so far. He should be able to turn things around against a poor Dragons team.

Cardale Jones looked so awful last week that it’s hard to expect a return to form, but it sure could happen against a weak Vipers defense. I wish they were at home, where they’ve played their best, but Jones is worth a play based on the matchup and his Week 1 and 2 performances.

Quarterback rankings for XFL Week 6

RK Player Game DK PPG
RK Player Game DK PPG
1 Josh Johnson LA@SEA 10800 25.42
2 PJ Walker HOU@NY 12300 29.08
3 Jordan Ta'amu STL@TB 9900 17.94
4 Taylor Cornelius STL@TB 9300 19.68
5 BJ Daniels LA@SEA 8500 12.32
6 Luis Perez HOU@NY 8200 10.91
7 Philip Nelson DAL@DC 7600 5.23
8 Tyree Jackson DAL@DC 6900 2.66
9 Marquise Williams HOU@NY 7400 4.18
10 Cardale Jones DAL@DC 8800 8.51

Running Backs

With XFL running backs getting their touches spread out from an already thin slice of the workload pie, only a few backs who do get consistent work are valuable. And, for our purposes in 1 point PPR, running back targets are especially useful, as there aren’t many out there.

The Dallas Renegades are the place to shop for running backs, as they have given Lance Dunbar 23 targets and Cameron Artis-Payne 15. Add in Artis-Payne’s rushing work and productivity, you have two of the best fantasy backs in the league on the same team.

James Butler remains a strong play despite not getting a big workload, as he is the lead back on the best offensive team in the league while Matt Jones and De’Veon Smith are two backs with bigger workloads than the majority of the league.

Running back rankings for XFL Week 6

RK Player Opp DK PPG
RK Player Opp DK PPG
1 Cameron Artis-Payne DAL@DC 7800 14.12
2 DeVeon Smith STL@TB 8000 11.14
3 Lance Dunbar DAL@DC 7100 12.4
4 Jhurell Pressley DAL@DC 6100 8.75
5 James Butler HOU@NY 6900 13.86
6 Matt Jones STL@TB 7400 9.58
7 Darius Victor HOU@NY 5700 6.48
8 Donnel Pumphrey DAL@DC 5800 6.72
9 Kenneth Farrow LA@SEA 6000 8.38
10 Christine Michael STL@TB 5300 6.06
11 Jacques Patrick STL@TB 6800 10.26
12 Martez Carter LA@SEA 4600 11.53
13 Tim Cook HOU@NY 5000 4.8
14 Trey Williams LA@SEA 4400 7.32
15 Andre Williams HOU@NY 4300 2.82
16 DuJuan Harris LA@SEA 4200 3.62
17 Keith Ford STL@TB 4100 6.23
18 Justin Stockton HOU@NY 4000 7.5
19 Ja'Quan Gardner LA@SEA 3900 2.54
20 Larry Rose LA@SEA 3800 3.9
21 Marquis Young DAL@DC 3700 3.6
22 Nick Brossette DAL@DC 3600 4.9
23 Matt Colburn HOU@NY 3500 1.7
24 Winston Dimel LA@SEA 3400 1.8
25 Elijah Hood LA@SEA 4500 2.27
26 Austin Walter DAL@DC 3300 2.6
27 Lenard Tillery STL@TB 3200 1.75

Wide Receivers

The loss of Nelson Spruce shoots Tre McBride right up the rankings. Despite his low snap count in his debut last week, McBride went off for 100+ yards and two touchdowns. Without Spruce there, he should easily be the top target once again and could see his six targets shoot up.

Donald Parham is a tight end, but tight ends and wide receivers are lumped together on DraftKing. Being a tight end hasn’t slowed Parham’s numbers down, as he’s right up there with the stud wide receivers. And this week he should be in a great spot to put up good fantasy stats against the Roughnecks.

Getting the Defenders offense back would be nice, as they have one of the best receiving groups in the league, but last week Cardale Jones couldn’t get them the ball. That should change this week, giving Eli Rogers, DeAndre Thompkins and Rashad Ross a better chance to put up fantasy points.

Wide receiver rankings for XFL Week 6

RK Player Opp DK PPG
RK Player Opp DK PPG
1 Cam Phillips HOU@NY 11700 27.3
2 Tre McBride LA@SEA 10200 24.7
3 Jordan Smallwood LA@SEA 6900 10.52
4 Nick Holley HOU@NY 7600 12.98
5 Jalen Tolliver STL@TB 7000 12.38
6 Donald Parham DAL@DC 9800 16.74
7 Austin Proehl LA@SEA 7200 11.76
8 Dan Williams STL@TB 8700 13.76
9 L'Damian Washington STL@TB 6800 11.04
10 Mekale McKay HOU@NY 6500 7.48
11 Flynn Nagel DAL@DC 7500 11.14
12 Colby Pearson HOU@NY 6300 10.06
13 Reece Horn STL@TB 6100 11.4
14 Saeed Blacknall LA@SEA 4500 9.87
15 De'Mornay Pierson-El STL@TB 8000 11.6
16 Kahlil Lewis HOU@NY 8500 10.8
17 Eli Rogers DAL@DC 7800 7.58
18 Sam Mobley HOU@NY 5500 7.54
19 Jeff Badet DAL@DC 6700 5.36
20 Keenan Reynolds LA@SEA 5800 6.75
21 Rashad Ross DAL@DC 7400 7.44
22 Brandon Barnes LA@SEA 5200 6.26
23 Alonzo Russell STL@TB 5100 7.82
24 Alonzo Moore LA@SEA 3400 3.8
25 Deandre Thompkins DAL@DC 4800 6.82
26 Nick Truesdell STL@TB 4600 5.7
27 Marcus Lucas STL@TB 4300 4.5
28 Jazz Ferguson DAL@DC 4200 3.6
29 Jake Powell HOU@NY 4100 4.6
30 Levonte Whitfield LA@SEA 4000 4.5
31 Keith Mumphery STL@TB 3900 3.24
32 Khari Lee DAL@DC 3800 5.82
33 Joe Horn HOU@NY 3700 2.18
34 Malachi Dupre DAL@DC 3600 1.4
35 Evan Rodriguez LA@SEA 3500 3.62
36 Teo Redding HOU@NY 3400 3.64
37 DeQuan Hampton LA@SEA 3400 3.15
38 Brandon Reilly STL@TB 3300 4.5
39 DeAndre Goolsby STL@TB 3300 4.65
40 Sean Price DAL@DC 3300 3.2
41 Ryheem Malone HOU@NY 3200 2.34
42 Blake Jackson HOU@NY 3200 4
43 Armanti Edwards DAL@DC 3200 0
44 Freddie Martino DAL@DC 3200 1.96
45 Adonis Jennings LA@SEA 3200 3.74
46 EJ Bibbs HOU@NY 3100 2.88
47 Austin Duke HOU@NY 3100 3.12
48 Josh Crockett DAL@DC 3100 3.4
49 Derrick Hayward DAL@DC 3100 3.8
50 Dontez Byrd LA@SEA 3100 1.88

Defense/Special Teams

At this point, it is difficult to call any teams a top defense, but we can look at some offenses and feel good about targeting them with your D/ST. The NY Guardians under Matt McGloin, the Seattle Dragons and Brandon Silvers and the Tampa Bay Vipers and their gaggle of quarterbacks have been the top teams to target on average and their opponent’s make up my Top 3 D/ST’s this week.

Defense/special teams rankings for XFL Week 6

Rk Team Game DK PPG
Rk Team Game DK PPG
1 Defenders DAL@DC 4700 11.6
2 Roughnecks HOU@NY 5100 9.4
3 Wildcats LA@SEA 4500 8.2
4 Renegades DAL@DC 4300 6
5 BattleHawks STL@TB 4900 6.8
6 Vipers STL@TB 3600 6.6
7 Dragons LA@SEA 3800 7.8
8 Guardians HOU@NY 3200 10.8