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Breaking down the best wide receivers in the XFL through Week 2

XFL running backs are separating into tiers as Week 3 dawns. We break down the stats.

LA Wildcats wide receiver Nelson Spruce runs after a catch while Dallas Renegades linebacker Greer Martini defends in the second quarter at Dignity Health Sports Park. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The XFL heads into Week 3, and this is very much a passing league. Two games worth of statistics is usually too small a sample size to draw hard and fast conclusions, but with the rules and performances to date, it’s becoming clear that teams are leaning on their passing game more than their ground game — and that bodes well for wide receivers and tight ends.

It’s fascinating to see the vast disparity in yards after the catch among the leading receivers. General skills and offensive scheming can make life easier for a receiver, but De’Mornay Pierson-El might be the most intriguing of the top 15 pass catchers. He is averaging 8.8 yards per reception, but eight of those yards per catch are coming after the reception. On the other hand, Nelson Spruce is averaging 11.3 yards per reception, but only 1.4 yards per catch after the ball is in his hands.

We’re seeing a decent mix of multiple receivers per team, but St. Louis and Houston have been the most impressive in building out depth. It’s also worth noting DC welcomed DeAndre Thompkins into the starting lineup after he missed Week 1, and he led the team with 67 receiving yards.

Dallas will be one to watch now that Landry Jones is settled into the starting role. It could remain a system where he spreads the ball far and wide, which could make it wise to stay away from Renegades receivers in daily fantasy football.

Below is a rundown of the top wide receivers, sorted by rating. DKFP stands for DraftKings Fantasy Points.

XFL WR stats through Week 2

Nelson Spruce WR LA 25.6 17 192 23 2.23 2
Rashad Ross WR DC 13.3 6 147 12 3.13 1
Dan Williams WR TB 13.3 9 145 54 2.2 0
Cam Phillips WR HOU 24.5 12 130 31 1.78 4
Eli Rogers WR DC 11.6 11 122 41 1.97 0
Donald Parham Jr. TE DAL 13.3 9 116 48 1.93 1
De'Mornay Pierson-El WR STL 15.3 13 114 104 2.04 1
L'Damian Washington WR STL 13.4 11 97 80 1.47 1
Kahlil Lewis WR HOU 13.3 9 95 59 1.73 0
Reece Horn WR TB 8.7 8 93 29 1.45 0
Keenan Reynolds WR SEA 11.6 5 92 40 1.53 1
Alonzo Russell WR STL 11.6 8 91 10 1.6 1
Nick Holley RB/WR HOU 8.6 7 91 9 1.52 0
Mekale McKay WR NY 7.4 6 88 20 1.49 0
Austin Proehl WR SEA 13.5 6 81 56 2.07 2