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Breaking down the best and worst quarterbacks in the XFL through Week 2

XFL quarterbacks are separating into tiers as Week 3 dawns. We break down the stats.

The XFL heads into Week 3 with some separation taking place at the quarterback position. We don’t know all the good and bad quarterbacks, but we’re starting to get a better handle on who belongs in what tiers. Two games worth of statistics are too small a sample size to draw hard and fast conclusions, but we can start to theorize what to make of each player.

P.J. Walker, Jordan Ta’amu, and Cardale Jones all have two games under their belt, and if we want to declare a top tier, it’s this group. Completion percentages are all over the place, but that’s a decent first dividing line. Josh Johnson is the outlier among the top half of the quarterbacks in that regard. He sat out Week 1 with a thigh injury and got off to a slow start in his Week 2 debut. He impressed in the fourth quarter of what became a shootout, and will be one to watch heading into Week 3.

Landry Jones is in a similar boat. He also missed Week 1 with an injury, and was relatively impressive in his Week 2 debut. He’s in a prolific Air Raid offense that will bode well for his counting stats. He was already an upgrade over Philip Nelson, averaging 7.6 yards per attempt to Nelson’s 5.1, but their ratings were fairly similar.

It remains to be seen who, if anybody, will emerge from the bottom half of the league. New York and Tampa Bay face huge questions at the quarterback position. Aaron Murray is sidelined with a foot injury and seems unlikely to play this weekend. Taylor Cornelius had his moments, but was not overly impressive. Quinton Flowers has some local fan backing, but Marc Trestman seems inclined for now to stick primarily with Cornelius.

Meanwhile, in New York, Matt McGloin was a disaster in Week 2 and was benched for Marquise Williams. There is no word yet on how that situation will shake out in Week 3.

Below is a rundown of the top quarterbacks, sorted by rating. DKFP stands for DraftKings Fantasy Points.

XFL QB stats through Week 2

P.J. Walker HOU 27.5 43/70 61.4 449 6.4 7 1 107.4
Jordan Ta'amu STL 25.3 50/64 78.1 493 7.7 4 2 106.6
Cardale Jones DC 19.8 39/63 61.9 511 7.7 4 1 102
Josh Johnson LA 18.1 18/34 52.9 185 5.4 2 0 88.5
Landry Jones DAL 18.5 28/40 70 305 7.6 1 2 79.7
Philip Nelson DAL 7.4 33/42 79 209 5.1 0 1 77.5
Charles Kanoff LA 20.7 21/40 53 214 5.5 1 1 66
Brandon Silvers SEA 13.7 28/58 48.3 308 5.4 4 3 65.8
Matt McGloin NY 8.6 23/48 47.9 226 4.7 1 2 51.2
Aaron Murray TB 7.2 16/34 47 231 6.8 0 2 45.1
Taylor Cornelius TB 4.2 16/27 59.3 154 5.7 0 2 44.4