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Fiona the hippo pukes on Chiefs logo

Cincinnati Zoo’s hippo, Fiona, picks the Super Bowl winner.

Baby hippopotamus “Halloween” is pictured on December 6, 2019 at the zoo in Karlsruhe, southern Germany. - “Halloween” was born at the zoo on October 31, 2019 - therefore resulting his name. Photo by ULI DECK/dpa/AFP via Getty Images

Fiona the Hippo, like many zoo animals before her, was asked to choose the winner of Super Bowl 54. In a clear sign of protest, she hurled up some green goo in the Chiefs general direction. She did go toward her Chiefs emblazoned enrichment toy first, giving it a nuzzly bump, but then was so disgusted with her part in the charade, that she couldn’t stomach anymore.

Fiona, the princess of the Cincinnati Zoo, has now picked three Super Bowls, going 1-1 in her first two. The young river horse has not spent much time studying this particular matchup, as she is more interested in eating. Born at just 29 pounds, Fiona was 25 pounds underweight and it took a Herculean effort by her caretakers and herself to survive. Now, three years later, Fiona is at 1,200 pounds and still has 1,800 to go. She doesn’t have time for all this prognosticating.

Fiona’s up-chucking, be it protest or good old fashioned post-gorge excitement, probably shouldn’t get Chiefs fans too worried. Much like China, where belching is considered a sign of respect after a good meal, vomiting is a hippo sign for her belief that an offensive line will hold up to a defensive line’s relentless pressure. At least, that’s what I’d tell myself if I picked the Chiefs and this super bad omen just went down.