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Staff picks for Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54 kicks off Sunday evening and we’ve got a list of staff predictions for the big game. A majority pick the Kansas City Chiefs, but we have some San Francisco 49ers picks as well.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy and San Francisco 49ers helmet and a Kansas City Chiefs helmet on display prior to the Commissioners press conference on January 29, 2020 at the Hilton Downtown in Miami, FL. Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2020 Super Bowl has arrived, and it’s time for some last minute predictions. You can find a near infinite amount of predictions for Sunday’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Why not read a few more? The staff at DraftKings Nation has put together a pick of the winner and final score, and then a few thoughts on why.

David Fucillo: 49ers

I grew up a 49ers fan and cut my writing teeth as a 49ers blogger, so I’m a big, fat homer. That being said, I’m betting on the 49ers defense stepping up. This could still turn into a high scoring game, but the 49ers pass rush has a chance to contain the Chiefs offense to a certain degree. I think we see San Francisco take control of this game and suffocate Kansas City between the pass rush and Kyle Shanahan’s dynamic ground offense.

49ers 30 - Chiefs 20

Chet Gresham: Chiefs

I truly believe this game is a toss up. The 49ers are the better team when looking at their 53-man roster but the Chiefs have the best player at the most pivotal position. Patrick Mahomes evens the playing field, but will need to play his best football while facing the toughest defensive line he’s seen all season. Have I talked myself into the 49ers? Nah, I’m sticking with Mahomes and his transcendent ability to work Super Bowl magic.

Chiefs 28 - 49ers 26

Ben Zweiman: Chiefs

I’m riding the narrative that Andy Reid won’t let another opportunity at winning the Super Bowl fall through the cracks. By the end of Sunday, he’s going to be showering in cheeseburgers. My other thought is that generally great QBs rise to the occasion in the big spot and that QB is Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City forces Jimmy G to throw and a mistake here and there costs the Niners.

Chiefs 31 - 49ers 28

Ameer Tyree: Chiefs

The 49ers four-man rush has been enough for most teams, but I don’t think it will rattle Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs’ offensive line gave up the fourth fewest sacks (25) in the NFL this year, so San Francisco might be forced to bring an extra man. But Patrick Mahomes has a ridiculous 118.3 passer rating when facing five or more rushers — with 22 touchdowns and zero interceptions. His ability to improvise and Kansas City’s clean bill of health on the offensive end will overwhelm the 49ers.

Chiefs 35 - 49ers 28

Collin Sherwin: 49ers

I’m an Eagles fan since birth, and very much rooting for Andy Reid to finally get over the hump. He’s a fantastic game-planner, did amazing things with Donovan McNabb that made him look better than he was, and always handled himself well in a tough media culture like Philly.

But his in-game and clock management decisions, in what should be a very close game, are likely going to come back to bite yet again. These two teams are pretty even on paper, and I’d lean a bit towards San Francisco anyway because their strength (running the ball) is KC’s weakness (29th against the run by DVOA). But when you add in the 20+ years of errors no Madden player would ever make, it’s just too much to overcome. Though the Niners elite defense should be terrified of Reid’s game plan with Mahomes and an extra week to prepare...

49ers 34 - Chiefs 30 ... Big Red falls short again.

Tim Finnegan: Chiefs

The 49ers match up really well with the Chiefs, and it’s possible we could see their pass rush detonate Kansas City’s offense if plays do not get the necessary time to develop, but the Chiefs’ offense just looks too explosive. Kansas City’s defense also played much better as the season went along, which has been a theme with Steve Spagnuolo-led defenses in the past. Spagnuolo has championship experience, most notably holding the undefeated 2007 Patriots to 14 points in Super Bowl 42. Winning is a game of point differential, and I don’t see how the 49ers’ offense can keep up if the Chiefs’ offense plays to their true talent level.

Chiefs 34 - 49ers 20

Steve Buchanan : Chiefs

The 49ers are going to come into this game and do what they can to keep the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands. With they way they’ve been running the ball (and doing it well) it certainly makes sense against a Chiefs team that’s allowed an average of 103 rushing yards to opposing backs. However, I think the Chiefs will be able to score against this 49ers defense and thus forcing Jimmy Garoppolo to throw the ball. The Chiefs secondary has been extremely underrated this season and thus could pose a legitimate problem for the Niners. In the end, I think the Chiefs have too much on offense for the Niners to keep up and thus, we’ll see them come away with the victory.

Chiefs 34 - 49ers 24

Erik Buchinger: 49ers

As much as I love Andy Reid, I think he’s going to be the loser in the big one once again. The 49ers somehow made running the football exciting to watch, and Raheem Mostert will be your MVP. San Francisco controls the game and keeps Patrick Mahomes and some of the fastest men on the planet off the field just enough for the victory. Lastly, it should be a federal crime to watch the Super Bowl and not gamble on it in some sort of fashion. It’s the last time we’ll see football for several months. Let’s have some fun.

49ers 28 - Chiefs 23