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#FireTrestman trending already as Tampa Bay Vipers fans await first touchdown

The Vipers have six (6) points in six (6) quarters of football. It’s not going well!

Tampa Bay Vipers running back Quinton Flowers runs the ball against the New York Guardians during the third quarter of an XFL football game at MetLife Stadium.  Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Vipers haven’t exactly set the world on fire through their first three halves of XFL Football. And head coach and general manager Marc Trestman is already coming under fire from fans.

It doesn’t help that three different quarterbacks have taken a snap for the #FangGang already, but the way Quinton Flowers has been ushered in and out of games is certainly frustrating to those watching at home. And many have taken to Twitter to relay their thoughts with #FireTrestman and other hashtags.

It’s not just the random fans: some Verified Twitter has gotten in on the act too.

The Vipers lead 3-0 at halftime of this pretty bad football game, but it’s pretty bad when the fans are calling for the leadership’s head when they somehow still wining a game.

For a team with its home opener next Saturday in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, they’ll probably want to score some points and win this game against the Seattle Dragons to increase the fan happiness before their in-city debut.