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New DC Defender Anthony Johnson has a take on reclining in your airplane seat

Don’t recline in front of Anthony Johnson if you’re on a plane with him.

Anthony Johnson during a sideline interview with the DC Defenders.

The world of social media has been abuzz for much of the past week over a guy in a non-reclinable seat who decided to punch the back of a woman’s seat in front of him because she reclined her seat. There are people who are against reclining, but the guy was being rude and it’s a good bet he would not have kept punching the seat if a man had been sitting in it.

I would bet even more money if that man was new DC Defenders linebacker Anthony Johnson. During Saturday’s DC-NY Week 2 XFL contest, Johnson got a chance to voice his opinion on the matter. The Los Angeles Wildcats traded Johnson to DC for cornerback Bradley Sylve due to his displeasure with the firing of LA defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson.

Johnson flew east to join DC, and he has a take on seat reclining. Namely, he does not believe one should recline their seat on an airplane. He spoke to ESPN’s Dianna Russini and offered up this take.

We’re all in this together on an airplane, so I get not wanting anybody to recline. On the other hand, maybe airlines should go back to offering bigger seats. They want to squish in as many people as they can to maximize profit, at the expense of a moderate level of comfort during flights. This is just another example of corporate executives pitting the working class against each other, so hopefully the pro- and anti-seat reclining groups can come together and demand change from airlines executives!