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Bills vs. 49ers airing on both ESPN and ABC for Monday Night Football

Bills-49ers is the second of three Monday Night Football games that will get an ABC simulcast.

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

The Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers face off Monday evening in a game the 49ers are hosting in Arizona that won’t quite close out Week 13. Covid-19 has created all sorts of adjustments in recent weeks. This week, that means the 49ers have to move to Glendale for at least three weeks due to Santa Clara county (their home county) Covid-19 regulations. And the Monday Night Football contest is also not closing out the week because Cowboys-Ravens got moved to Tuesday.

All that aside, we have another interesting quirk to this game. ESPN broadcasts Monday Night Football, but this week the game will also be simulcast on ABC. This is the second time this is happening, and there will be one more instance of it. Back in Week 2, the Saints-Raiders game was simulcast on ABC and in Week 16, Bills-Patriots will also simulcast on ABC. In the playoffs, ESPN is planning a megacast for the Wild Card round that will include an ABC simulcast.

The game kicks off like normal at 8:15 p.m. ET, but if you do not have cable or you have a limited version that does not include ESPN, you’ll be in luck this week. Bills-49ers should be a fun one, so it will be nice to have extra options for watching it outside of cable.