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Liberty Bowl gift bag and swag for players

Army was invited to the bowl party late, but it will take on West Virginia, and everyone’s getting Liberty Bowl gifts. Here’s a breakdown of the swag.

NCAA Football: Air Force at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

A college football travesty has been avoided. Originally when the bowl schedule was announced, it left out a deserving 9-2 Army Black Knights squad ahead of teams like 2-8 South Carolina and 3-7 Tennessee. Unfortunately, the Volunteers are dealing with COVID-19 issues, taking them out of the Liberty Bowl where they were scheduled to take on the West Virginia Mountaineers, and in stepped in Army. DraftKings has and will have plenty of betting and informational related items on this game, but here we’re just going to break down the gifts the participants will receive for being a part of the Liberty Bowl.

The gifts for this bowl game will include a gift suite, Bass Pro Shops gift card, Philips Soundbar Bluetooth speaker, Nike athletic shoes, sport sandals, sunglasses and backpack and a commemorative football.

There’s a lot to get to here outside of the gift suite. The gift card largely is dependent on how interested in the outdoors, but I think that can be exchanged between the players who are interested and not with a cash swap, and keep in mind the old Memphis Pyramid is now a huge Bass Pro with a hotel inside. Will the players get to pick out their stuff in person? Soundbar Bluetooth speaker is nice. Interesting move with the Nike shoes though. I feel like people want to go out and get their own shoes instead of having them given to them. That would be my thought process, though I only buy new shoes maybe once every 2-3 years.

Sandals, sunglasses and backpack are fine, and I’m mixed on the commemorative football. Assuming it’s a ball with a fancy logo that features the Liberty Bowl, I don’t think a player on the losing team would be that thrilled to display the commemorative football after a loss. Maybe in the future, we can divvy up gifts based on the winner and loser.