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Gator Bowl gift bags and swag

Kentucky and NC State will get the day after New Year’s started, and the participants will be getting some bowl game swag as they head on their way.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Arden Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The NC State Wolfpack and Kentucky Wildcats are getting ready for some average ACC vs. average SEC action as a bit of an appetizer for some of the bigger bowl games of the day on Jan. 2. There are and will be more breakdowns of this matchup as we get closer to kickoff, but first, let’s analyze what the Gator Bowl is offering up as gifts for the participants of this game.

The list of items include a gift suite, JBL noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speaker inside a customized box, Maui Jim sunglasses with fitting, a Fossil watch and a backpack.

We’ll never know what’s included in the (apparently online) gift suite, but overall the Gator Bowl did well here. Call me old school, but I’ve never transitioned to the tiny little earbuds that stick in your ear because they fall out, they’re uncomfortable and overall a disastrous experience in my opinion. JBL noise-canceling headphones are a solid way to go.

Sunglasses? Sure, I can go for some of that. I’m not a watch guy, and I would’ve appreciated more of an explanation of the backpack. Giving it a name or at least some descriptive word would’ve made it somewhat special. Instead it’s making me think like players are going to the Gator Bowl for some back-to-school shopping, which wouldn’t get the fellas in the locker room buzzing all that much I wouldn’t imagine.