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Sugar Bowl gift bags and swag for players

Ohio State and Clemson will meet in the College Football Playoff for the second season in a row. Here’s a look at what the players will receiving in the Sugar Bowl.

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Notre Dame at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

The Clemson Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes are set to meet up in the College Football Playoff for the second consecutive season and the third time since 2016. Instead of breaking down the matchup or giving a grand plan to ensure the same teams don’t make the Playoff every season, we’re going to take a look at what the participants of the Sugar Bowl will receiving with the game scheduled on New Year’s Day.

The items include a gift suite, a New Era hat, a Diesel watch and a mini helmet.

I take back what I said in the opening paragraph. We actually are going to talk about how to get new teams into the Playoff every year. I was fairly dissatisfied with what the Rose Bowl is offering Alabama and Notre Dame players, and this isn’t a whole lot better. That gift suite (which is an online store from what we’ve been told) better have some pretty nice swag.

We have the Citrus Bowl offering up a $400 Amazon gift card, and none of these items from the bowls that host the College Football Playoff come close to matching up with that. If I’m a player looking at these options, I might go ahead and convince my teammates to opt out of a Playoff spot in favor of a lower bowl game to maximize my bowl game benefits. In turn, this could save college football from its continued lack of parity that has no signs of stopping in the years ahead.