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Lamar Jackson leaves game with ‘cramps’ in Week 14, returns with late game TD

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is dealing with cramps in the fourth quarter of Week 14. Trace McSorley has taken over.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) throws the ball during warmups before the game against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jackson took over and quickly completed a 44-yard pass to Marquise Brown for a touchdown.

UPDATE: Jackson returned to the sideline at the two-minute warning. McSorley injured his knee just before the break in play and Jackson has come back on for the fourth down play.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson went back to the locker room during the recent Cleveland Browns drive, and the team announced he is questionable to return due to cramps. Trace McSorley has replaced Jackson in the Ravens starting lineup.

At first the general thought was Jackson had to use the bathroom, but either the Ravens are covering for him or he’s dealing with something a little more significant. Regardless, it is something to track as the game moves forward.

The Ravens lead the Browns 34-28 with 13:36 left in the fourth quarter and Jackson has rushed for a Monday Night Football quarterback rushing record in this game.

UPDATE: There’s some video of Jackson running back into the locker room. Make of this what you will.