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Twitter is very, very mad about the scoring of the Tyson vs. Jones fight

Social media is a bit wound up about the decision being a draw, and we don’t blame them at all.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. during weigh ins for a heavyweight exhibition boxing bout for the WBC Frontline Belt in Los Angeles. Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After eight rounds of an exhibition fight, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.’s heavyweight bout was scored a draw.

Twitter was not pleased with the 80-76 Jones scorecard turned in by former lightweight champion Vinny Pazienza.

Here are some of the reactions to the fight:

At times Tyson showed flashes of his old self. He wasn’t the terrifying 20-year-old that won the heavyweight championship of the world via first-round knockout, but he still had some power and quickness despite being eligible for a discount when buying matinee tickets at the movie theatre.

But I guess this is why the called it an “exhibition.”