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8 predictions for the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition fight

This is a thing that’s really happening in 2020. Make some cash on boxers with AARP eligibility!

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. face off during weigh ins for a heavyweight exhibition boxing bout for the WBC Frontline Belt in Los Angeles. Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

When the protagonists are Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., you can be assured there’s going to be plenty of people making the purchase on pay-per-view. These were two of the biggest draws in boxing history at one time, but now they’re in the ring against each other

The rules have been adjusted for this by the California State Athletic Commission, so this will be eight-round exhibition bout with two-minute rounds. But it’s happening at Staples Center in Los Angeles and it’s on pay-per-view, so you better believe both fighters will be going after it.

Usually this kind of aging superstardom in Tinseltown is reserved for Dancing With The Stars or The Masked Singer, but tonight it’s on display in the center of the squared circle.

But you can also win a few bucks on aging stardom with DraftKings Sportsbook’s Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. $25,000 Picks Pool, where if you can make the right picks for the questions below you can win your share. We make a few of our picks below:

Who will win?

  • Mike Tyson
  • Roy Jones Jr.

If you haven’t seen the videos of Tyson training, oh my goodness. That does not look like a 54-year-old man. Even though he’s three years older than Jones, he also fought at heavyweight for most of his career with Jones winning mostly in the lower divisions before finally claiming a heavyweight strap.

The weight advantage and power should be with Tyson, and we think he goes over here.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.: Winning Method

  • Mike Tyson by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Mike Tyson by Decision
  • Roy Jones Jr. by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Roy Jones Jr. by Decision

Exhibition or not, if you put Mike Tyson in a boxing ring he’s going to try to knock someone’s head off.

Will the match go the distance?

  • Yes
  • No

Will Mike Tyson or Roy Jones Jr. get knocked down in the first 4 rounds?

  • Yes
  • No

We think he does this, and he does this early. There won’t be a lot of time for technical fighting here.

Who will be the first boxer to land a punch?

  • Mike Tyson
  • Roy Jones Jr.

A Jones jab should start things off because of his length.

Which fight will last more rounds?

  • Mike Tyson / Roy Jones Jr.
  • Nate Robinson / Jake Paul

This is only because Nate Robinson is going to knock Jake Paul into next week.

Will any boxer “showboat?”

  • Yes
  • No

These guys have too much respect for each other to do that stuff, but if one does it’ll be Roy Jones who certainly had more flair in the ring in his career.

Will Mike Tyson win by stoppage?

  • Yes
  • No