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The Bachelorette 2020 Episode 7 Recap

Tayisha is here for all of this. And for making out. Lots and lots of making out.

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” - Season 16

Even in 2020 we have a lot to be thankful for, and this season of The Bachelorette is one of them. In a year of stretchy pants, l (and millions of others) LOVE Tuesdays. For almost twenty years this show has been uniting and dividing fans, and one day a week Bachelor Nation gets to enjoy a normal evening where hot people cry in limos.

I look forward to Tuesdays. I love The Bachelorette and Tayshia is a bright light in an otherwise dumpster fire of a year. In a year of crazy, she’s the Bachelorette we deserve and the one we need. And there were some standout moments tonight for sure. The guys’ personalities are coming through, and it’s turning out to be a really fun season to watch.

Everyone hates Noah (or as Bennet calls him “young Noah”) with or without his mustache. He seems to be bromancing with Chasen, also less than popular with the guys in the house. As Chris Harrison says, Noah “shaved his mustache and got the rose on a date he wasn’t supposed to be on.”

The first group date “assignment” is to write and perform a love song. Gag me with a spoon. The only one who seems excited about it is Demar. Kenney is “terrified.” It goes about as well as you can expect. I love the B-roll cuts of Bennett, who is clearly the most judgy. Ironic because he decides to go with a rap instead of a song. Bennett rapping sounds exactly like you would think someone named Bennett would sound rapping. It was something else, and I’m pretty sure he rhymed brie with degree. Yikes.

All the guys really tried to impress her, but the one-on-one date goes to Ivan.

Ivan’s pumped for his date and you can tell he really likes her. They play Twister, they pillow fight, they laugh then cry... and of course, they make out. They also eat a ginormous sundae making all of us want room service.

Ivan and Tayshia got to talk about real issues facing the country like racism and police brutality. They also talked about what it means to grow up black in America, being biracial and shared experiences they had growing up. It’s pretty cool to see deeper conversations this season. I’m sure they happen but usually they’re edited out. I’m glad they were kept in.

The second group date is outside and Becca and Sydney join for a fun game of Truth or Dare. The “Dare” part of the date was first. It was, um, a wild time. The “truth” part of the date was equally wild. Bennett and his Clark Kent glasses stole some one-on-one time. You can tell he really likes her. They make out.

All the guys get one-on-one time. Zac opens up to Tayshia sitting in the hot tub. They also make out. Zac ends up getting the group date rose. Blake is crushed, per usual.

Ben is worried he’s not stepping up enough for Tayshia. He visits her room. They talk. He orders champs and strawberries. They toast. They make out.

Ed was not so fortunate. He walks to what he thinks is Tayshia’s room and is met with a sleepy Chris Harrison. At 2:30 AM. Oops. Sorry Chris. You can go back to texting Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima goodnight now. I can hear the producers howling from here. Oh, Ed.

Per usual, there’s drama at the rose ceremony. Noah kicks up some drama and complains to Tayshia, basically telling her guys in the house are questioning her intentions. Noah is turning out to be a 12-year-old on steroids. He’s not that hot either.

Tayshia cancels the cocktail party and they go straight into the rose ceremony. Nine roses remain. They go to:



Riley (that one surprised me)



Blake (ugh)


Spencer (also ugh)

Ed (whaaaaat)

So that means Chasen and Joe go to paradise. I mean, home.

My thoughts on the remaining guys are:

Ivan is my hands down favorite and pick to be in the final two and get engaged to Tayshia. He’s so sweet and smart I can’t take it. He seems (or at least the producers make it seem) like he has a really good heart.

My love for Bennett grows stronger and so does my annoyance with Noah. Noah is like a less-sweet and genuine Dean. I can’t wait till he’s gone. Not like gonegone - I mean out of the franchise. Knowing these producers though, he will be a holy terror in Paradise.

I still really like Eazy.

I can’t even with Blake. He’s like a less lovable Eeyore. And I love Eeyore.

I do not love Blake.

I tolerate Spencer.

Well fam, we did it! We laughed, we cried, we got annoyed with Noah. And unlike him, we’re here for the right reasons. See y’all next week. May your turkey game be strong. Xoxo.