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College Football Playoff rankings announced: Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State are the first four

The first College Football Playoff rankings have arrived. We break down the full Top 25, led by a final four of blue bloods.

Mac Jones of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates after a play against the Kentucky Wildcats at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 21, 2020 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Don’t be a member of the Group of Five is the message sent from the College Football Playoff Selection Committee during the first rankings unveiling for the 2020 season.

The BYU Cougars are 9-0 and haven’t really played a competitive game this season despite a soft schedule. But them being placed in the #14 spot means they’re getting no respect at all for their work so far. It also hurts that it appears Washington will not have availability to play a last-minute game, as though the Huskies lost their opponent for this weekend, Utah has also lost theirs as Arizona State also can’t play.

This means BYU might be regretting not working on a potential offer from Washington to play earlier this week.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are the other victims, despite being 8-0 they appear not to have any path to reach the final four of this season, but being sixth in SP+ but seventh in the rankings isn’t as bad as it is for BYU.

As for the top four, it went as expected if not necessarily in the order: Alabama, Notre Dame are the top two, while Clemson nipped Ohio State for the third spot. These teams were never in doubt, but if it held serve Ohio State would have a tougher semifinal against Alabama than they might otherwise if they could get to the #3 position.

1. Alabama (7-0)
2. Notre Dame (8-0)
3. Clemson (7-1)
4. Ohio State (4-0)
5. Texas A&M (5-1)
6. Florida (6-1)
7. Cincinnati (8-0)
8. Northwestern (5-0)
9. Georgia (5-2)
10. Miami (7-1)
11. Oklahoma (6-2)
12. Indiana (4-1)
13. Iowa State (6-2)
14. BYU (9-0)
15. Oregon (3-0)
16. Wisconsin (2-1)
17. Texas (5-2)
18. USC (3-0)
19. North Carolina (6-2)
20. Coastal Carolina (8-0)
21. Marshall (7-0)
22. Auburn (5-2)
23. Oklahoma State (5-2)
24. Iowa (3-2)
25. Tulsa (5-1)