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Canceled and postponed Week 13 college football games

We’ve got a complete list of games that have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled because of Covid-19 for Week 13 of college football.

Washington Huskies running back Kamari Pleasant celebrates his touchdown with wide receiver Terrell Bynum against the Arizona Wildcats during the third quarter at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium.  Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Update Nov 28 11:40 a.m.: San Jose State vs. Boise State has been canceled due to a Covid-19 outbreak within the Boise State program.

Update Nov 28 11:15 a.m.: The Virginia vs. Florida State game has been postponed by The ACC.

Update Nov 27 10:40 p.m.: Ohio State vs. Illinois has also been canceled.

Update Nov 26 8:40 p.m.: Colorado vs USC has also been canceled.

Update Nov 26 7:15 a.m.: Today’s Colorado State vs. Air Force game has been canceled as well.

Update Nov 25 4:25 p.m.: Updated with Oklahoma-West Virginia postponed until Dec. 12

Update Nov 24, 9:56 p.m.: Utah-Arizona State has been canceled. It had been planned for Sunday November 29th without a game time. It has been replaced with Utah vs. Washington for 10:30 p.m. ET Saturday night on ESPN.

Update Nov 24, 6:45 p.m.: Minnesota-Wisconsin has been canceled, which makes Wisconsin ineligible for Big Ten title game. Northwestern only needs one more win to clinch Big Ten title game berth.

Update November 24th 5:35 p.m.: #24 Tulsa vs. Houston has been postponed as well.

Update November 24th 5:10 p.m.: Southern Miss vs. UAB is canceled, and the last scheduled regular season college game in Birmingham’s Legion Field won’t be played.

Update November 23rd 3:40 p.m.: La Tech vs. FIU is canceled.

Update November 23rd 2:45 p.m.: The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and Charlotte 49ers will push their game back until Tuesday, December 1st.

Update November 22nd 8:30 p.m.: So far there are two games that have been canceled: The Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State, and the San Diego State Aztecs against the Fresno State Bulldogs. It’s the second cancelation in a row for Fresno State.

As of now, there are two FBS college football games scheduled for the weekend of Saturday, November 28th that have been rescheduled, canceled or postponed.

As games are added, including some that will have an impact on the College Football Playoff race, we’ll add them to the spreadsheet below.

Some of these are tilts won’t have much of an impact on championships or even bowl eligibility. Remember: bowl games in 2020 are free to take any team they wish regardless of record.

Most teams will fall far short of a dozen games in 2020. And as teams run out of weeks to play games and more cancelations than ever, the reality is a shortened and improvised schedule will hit every conference in America.

Here is how we define each game in our list below:

Rescheduled: A new date and time has been announced.

Postponed: The game will not be played, and a new date and time has not been announced. We also add “unlikely” for games that don’t appear to have room to be played on current schedules, but where an official announcement hasn’t been made that the game won’t occur.

Canceled: The game will not be played at any point this season.

Week 13 Canceled College Football Games

Game Original Date Status Makeup Date
Game Original Date Status Makeup Date
San Diego State vs. Fresno State November 27th Canceled
Washington vs. Washington State November 27th Canceled
Western Kentucky at Charlotte November 27th Postponed Dec. 1
Louisiana Tech at FIU November 27th Canceled
Arkansas at Missouri November 27th Postponed Now Vandy-Mizzou
Southern Miss vs. UAB November 27th Canceled
Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt November 27th Postponed Dec. 19
No. 24 Tulsa vs. Houston November 27th Postponed
Minnesota vs. No. 18 Wisconsin November 28th Canceled
Utah vs. Arizona State November 29th Canceled Now Utah-Washington
No. 7 Cincinnati vs. Temple November 29th Canceled
No. 14 Oklahoma vs. West Virginia November 29th Postponed Dec. 12
Colorado State vs. Air Force November 26th Canceled
Colorado vs. No. 19 USC November 26th Canceled
Florida Atlantic vs. Middle Tennessee November 26th Canceled
No. 3 Ohio State vs. Illinois November 28th Canceled
Virginia vs. Florida State November 28th Postponed
San Jose State vs. Boise State November 28th Canceled