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Cover hears a Hoo: UVA covers with a pick six on the last play of the game

Already up 34, Virginia threw a little salt in the open wound of Abilene Christian bettors.

Ronnie Walker Jr. of the Virginia Cavaliers rushes in the second half during a game against the Abilene Christian Wildcats at Scott Stadium on November 21, 2020 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Ah yes, yet another football contest in Charlottesville’s Scott Stadium on a lovely Saturday afternoon between the Abilene Christian (Googles...) Wildcats and the Virginia Cavaliers. Everyone wants as many games as they can safely schedule in 2020, and the Hoos taking on an FCS team in the middle of ACC play is perfectly acceptable.

But for any of you crazy enough to wager on this by grabbing the 39.5 points available for backing the Wildcats, we bid you better tidings this holiday season. With 34 seconds remaining in the contest and the Cavaliers, Abilene got the ball back following a safety, but still trailing 49-15. Looking to score another touchdown, they took it to the red zone to cut the margin even further.

It seemed locked in for ACU bettors to head to the window and cash their tickets... but this is college football:

Not so fast. And the because they are the most academically-centered program in the ACC, UVA kindly declined the PAT. But it was still enough for the cover by exactly half-a-point. Final score: 55-15 Virginia.

We’re sure at least a few bucks changed hands here somewhere, and that’s a pretty gross beat on a day with a few of them.