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The Bachelorette 2020 Episode 6 Recap

We’ve got oiled up guys fighting each other, and Tayshia making out with everyone except the cameramen. The Bachelorette is back, baby!

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” - Season 19

Oh hey y’all, your Basic Batch is back. Things feel a little different tonight. I’m feeling this season again. Everything seems a little sweeter - a little happier - a little more exciting... Love is for sure in the air. Maybe it’s the start of the holiday season that’s got me all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s a new Bachelorette (ahem, it’s totally Tayshia).

A few highlights and observations:

Clare? Clare who? Damn Tayshia. She slayed that entrance last week. That hair. That dress. It was everything. Shout out to the editing team. They’re on point with the reaction shots from the guys. One minute they looked like they got run over by the Clare truck and then when Tayshia walks in…. ummm, Clare who?

Jaws drop. Smiles get big. Energy shifts. She lit up the room like a magical Christmas tree in a Hallmark movie, and the guys are literally smiling from ear to ear. Bennett standing in the corner with his martini looking happy as a clam is probably the best thing I’ve seen all season. His smile was huge. Yes there’s a joke in there somewhere. (Keep it clean now — this is a family show.)

This week is no different. They guys are still smitten kittens with Tayshia.

Budding fan favorites Joe, Ed, Chasen, Bennett and Ivan are among those on first group date. The first date is a challenge in adulting. Seems ironic for a bunch of guys who quit their job to go on a reality show but I’m still here for it. The winner gets crowned “A Grown Ass Man” and the loser gets labeled a “Man Child.”

Ashley and Jared make a special appearance, which is always fun. They’re one of Bachelor Nation’s success stories, and are always fun to watch. Also fun to watch is Bennett, who really wants to put his Harvard degree to good use but didn’t do so hot in math and spelling. And he couldn’t do the physical challenge because of a knee injury from football. Poor Bennett. He redeems himself though by serving her breakfast in bed in the brunch challenge and won the Grown Ass Man Award. Yes you read that right. There’s a challenge serving Tayshia breakfast in bed. Tayshia is bougie, but so is Bennett and this challenge was up his alley.

Ed got the Man Child award, and he accepted it in the most Ed way possible. Sweetly, adorably, and with a good attitude. I stan Ed. Did I say that right? I think he and Tayshia will end up being best friends. He’s got her back for sure. In a world of Chasen’s, be an Ed.

Chasen hates Bennett. A lot of the guys hate Chasen, but Tayshia handles all of them so well. Chasen isn’t here for the right reasons according to Ed. He’s definitely aggressive, a little rude, and doesn’t seem genuine. He calls himself “Wolverine” and calls Tayshia a “smokeshow,” which is not the best way to win friends and influence people.

I don’t think Chasen, Ed or Bennett will end up in the final four, but I’d love to see both of them in Paradise.

Later that evening, Ben and Tayshia make out and it’s clear they have some serious chemistry. He seems genuine, kind and here for the right reasons. He does not get a rose on this date though, and it’s so sad because you can tell he really likes her.

Ivan (my front runner) and Tayshia also have a moment involving a blindfold and an unsuspecting strawberry. They also make out, because Tayshia is very much unafraid of this activity. Good for her, and he gets a rose on the date.

The second group date is some half-naked UFC type thing. This group date isn’t quite as bad as naked dodgeball, but heavy on the toxic masculinity since they are literally forced to smack talk each other and physically fight for her attention as she oils them down one by one. Nothing says love like Chasen promising to bring Wolverine out against Ed. Noah volunteers from the audience and ends up fighting Chasen while the “audience” cheers from the other side of the chain link fence. There’s nothing about this that I ever want to see again. This is totally off brand for Bougie Tayshia.

Producers: Do better!

At the cocktail party afterwards she makes out with Noah and Brendan. And Spencer. Noah reminds me of a discount version of Dean. Charming, but there’s something annoying about him taking up so much time on a date he wasn’t supposed to be on. Not impressed. He gets the group date and Ben’s little heart is in shambles. He really wanted that rose. Le sigh.

My top picks to make it to the final 4:

Ivan: Has the best chemistry with Tayshia.

Ben: LOVES her so much I want to cry.

Spencer: Still hot... but maybe toxic?

Joe: Adorable.

One thing is clear: The guys this season are really great and they have a lot to offer any single lady. They’re (mostly) here for the right reasons, and so am I. See y’all next week. XOXO.