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Canceled and postponed Week 12 college football games

We’ve got a complete list of games that have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled because of Covid-19 for Week 12 of college football.

Jayden Daniels of the Arizona State Sun Devils runs the ball during the second half of a game against the USC Trojans at Los Angeles Coliseum on November 07, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Update 9:00 a.m. Saturday: In the latest game cancelation we’ve seen this season, the Clemson Tigers won’t play the Florida State Seminoles at noon today. This came down just a bit over three hours before kickoff.

Update 9:30 a.m. Friday: San Jose State vs. Fresno State is the latest game added to the board, which makes it 16 game this weekend that have been canceled.

Update 10:24 a.m.: Michigan State-Maryland has been canceled, bringing the total to 15. This is the first Big Ten game canceled.

Update 1:17 am Thursday: Last added game is UNLV vs. Colorado State, bringing this week’s total to 14, and Mountain West Conference games to two.

As of now, there are two FBS college football games scheduled for the weekend of Saturday, November 21st that have been rescheduled, canceled or postponed.

As games are added, including some that will have an impact on the College Football Playoff race, we’ll add them to the spreadsheet below.

Some of these are just regular season tilts that won’t have much of an impact on championships or even bowl eligibility. Remember: bowl games in 2020 are free to take any team they wish regardless of record.

But for college football players, coaches, and fans every single game is important. There are at maximum just 12 regular season contests a year to celebrate a sport with fans as passionate a fan base as any across the globe. But most teams will fall far short of a dozen games in 2020. And as teams run out of weeks to play games and more cancelations than ever, the reality is a shortened and improvised schedule will hit every conference in America.

Here is how we define each game in our list below:

Rescheduled: A new date and time has been announced.

Postponed: The game will not be played, and a new date and time has not been announced. We also add “unlikely” for games that don’t appear to have room to be played on current schedules, but where an official announcement hasn’t been made that the game won’t occur.

Canceled: The game will not be played at any point this season.

Week 12 Canceled College Football Games

Game Original Date Status Makeup Date
Game Original Date Status Makeup Date
UAB vs. UTEP November 20th Canceled
Arizona State vs. Colorado November 21st Canceled
Ohio vs. Miami (OH) November 17th Canceled
Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M November 21st Postponed Dec. 19th being considered
UL Monroe at Louisiana Tech November 21st Canceled
Georgia Tech vs. No. 12 Miami November 21st Postponed Dec. 19th
Wake Forest vs. Duke November 21st Postponed Dec. 19th being considered
Charlotte vs. No. 15 Marshall November 21st Postponed
Houston vs. SMU November 21st Postponed Dec. 12th
Navy vs. South Florida November 21st Postponed
Utah State vs. Wyoming November 21st Canceled
No. 22 Texas vs. Kansas November 21st Postponed Dec. 12
Central Arkansas vs. No. 24 Louisiana November 21st Canceled
UNLV vs. Colorado State November 21st Postponed Dec. 19
Michigan State vs. Maryland November 21st Canceled
San Jose State vs. Fresno State November 21st Canceled
Washington State vs. Stanford November 21st Canceled
No. 4 Clemson vs. Florida State November 21st Postponed TBA