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The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 5 Predictions

Welcome Tayshia! Get us out of this mess!

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” - Season 16

Well... that was a wild first four weeks y’all. This Basic Batch is tired. Wait — more like exhausted.

After weeks of awkward scream therapy, naked dodgeball, and good ole’ fashioned pants sniffing, Bachelor Nation finally got some Clare-ity on this season. Clare and Dale rode off into the sunset (kind of) after a (sort of) beautiful proposal. I’ve never appreciated a Chris Harrison more. All the botox in the world couldn’t keep me from making a WTF face so Chris, I salute you. We all salute you. Now bring on Tayshia!

My predictions for Tayshia’s season are simple. She’s the Bachelorette we needed and her season, although abbreviated, won’t disappoint. From the existing cast currently living at La Quinta, here’s who I think is here for the right reasons, and may have a connection with Tayshia.

Bennett: He’s basically a more mature JPJ. He’s family-oriented, funny, and has his stuff together. He’s like a nerdy Clark Kent (if that’s even possible) and I think he will have super powers that catch Tayshia’s attention. If not, we will see him on Paradise in 2021.

Eazy: This guy has been at the top of my list since Day One. He’s super cute, charming and seems laid back but not TOO laid back. I predict he has a connection with Tayshia right away. It may lead to friendship or something more, but she’s going to like him and want to learn more.

Ivan: You know that Shania Twain song where she says “so what if you’re a rocket scientist?” Well, Ivan is a legit rocket scientist. That might not impress Ms. Twain, but an aeronautical engineer who also has a great personality and is strikingly handsome is a trifecta that’s hard to beat. I predict he will at least land in her top four and make it to a hometown date. What’s not to love about this guy!?

So that’s my Dream Team heading into the real season. The first part of this was just like the 2020 regular season in the NBA, but now we’re in The Bubble in Orlando and it counts.

We’ll see how my predictions for top connections made tonight, and I’ll be here for the right reasons again tomorrow. XO.