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Carlos Boozer leads NBA Finals Game 4 picks for DraftKings Sportsbook contest

The NBA Finals are rolling along with Game 4 tipping Tuesday evening. We break down some media predictions for Lakers vs. Heat.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James fouls Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro during the second quarter of game three of the 2020 NBA Finals at AdventHealth Arena. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NBA Finals are upon us and the Los Angeles Lakers have taken an early 2-1 series lead over the Miami Heat. The big news for Miami is the potential return of center Bam Adebayo on Tuesday.

Game 4 tips at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. DraftKings Sportsbook is getting together a group of media insiders to offer up their predictions for the contest. Most notably, former NBA star Carlos Boozer will be taking part. Here the ten prop bets insiders will be picking for Tuesday evening’s Game 4 in Orlando.

  1. Who will win: Heat OR Lakers
  2. Who will cover the spread: Heat (+7.5) OR Lakers (-7.5)
  3. Nuggets-Lakers total points: Over 219.5 OR Under 219.5
  4. Who will have more points and assists: Kyle Kuzma OR Tyler Herro
  5. Jimmy Butler points: Over 25.5 OR Under 25.5
  6. LeBron James points: Over 26.5 OR Under 26.5
  7. Which team will make more 3 points: Lakers OR Heat
  8. Who will have the most points, rebounds, and assists: Jimmy Butler, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Any other player

Each media member made picks for each prop bet, and below is their lock pick for Tuesday with some reasons why. We’ll update as new picks come in.

2020 NBA media pool, Finals picks

Outlet First Name Last Name Twitter Lock Pick Rationale
Outlet First Name Last Name Twitter Lock Pick Rationale
USA Today Geoff Clark @Geoffery_Clark Tyler Herro to have more points & assists than Kyle Kuzma Herro isn't just the better player but he has more responsibility for his team. Herro will most likely be in the starting lineup, Kuzma will not be. Kuzma has played 30-plus minutes just once this postseason and Herro has played 30-plus in all but two playoff games this year. Herro >>> Kuzma in Game 4.
RotoWire Nick Whalen @wha1en Tyler Herro to have more points and assists than Kyle Kuzma I know Kuzma just had his best scoring game of the playoffs, but this is an absolute no-brainer. For the postseason, Herro is averaging 20.1 combined points + assists to Kuzma's 11.5. Herro has at least three assists in 15 of 19 playoff games, while Kuzma has reached that number only once in 18 games. Kuzma didn't have a single assist in Game 3, and he's recorded one or fewer in seven of his last eight games. On top of that, Herro is averaging 14 more minutes and seven more field goal attempts per game in the Finals.
PlayUSA Grant Lucas @GrantDLucas LeBron over 26.5 points So LeBron trash-talked in the first quarter, only for Jimmy Butler to throw that smack-talk back as the Heat went on to win in Game 2. You think LeBron is just going to absorb that hit? Expect a flurry of haymakers from the King.
(TBC) Matt Brown @MattBrownM2 Lakers to win The Lakers were mentally checked out of Game 3. They saw the news. Read the websites. This series was going to be a sweep. Well, Jimmy Butler wasn't going out like that. The Heat were going to win a game in this series if one of LeBron or AD just totally tanked. Well, they got just that when AD got into early foul trouble had his worst games since they entered the bubble. LeBron had eight turnovers, while the Lakers as a whole had 19. That won't happen again, and LeBron and AD will lead the superior team to victory.
PlayNJ Bill Gelman @bill_gelman Lakers to win 1 victory away from locking up the NBA championship in five games
Fantasy NBA Today Dan Besbris @danbesbris Lakers will make more 3-pointers Miami has settled on a new defensive scheme... throw every player they have at LeBron and AD and give up wide (and I mean WIDE) open threes to non-superstar Lakers. LA has been hoisting threes at a record clip and it's not coincidence. Miami has decided they're comfortable with giving up those looks as long as it keeps Anthony Davis from taking over near the rim. I suppose this bet would be an easier one if it was "who will TAKE more threes" but we'll roll with it, anyway, knowing LA is set to fire away from downtown and, heaven willing, a few will go in.
Rotoworld Fantasy Basketball Podcast Steve Alexander LeBron will have the most points, rebounds and assists He was so mad at the end of Game 3 that he left the court early. He’s not going to let Jimmy Butler do it to him again.
Pushing the Odds - Sports Map Radio Matt Perrault @sportstalkmatt Lakers ML Lakers win Game 4 no matter who Miami plays. The Lakers just have more talent as a unit for Miami.
PlayUSA Brant James @brantjames Lakers to win Jimmy Butler elevated his play to pull the Heat back in the series and LeBron James is certain to respond.
Bleacher Report Zach Buckley @ZachBuckleyNBA Tyler Herro more points and assists than Kyle Kuzma If this was points alone, I'd still lean Herro, but at least Kuzma would have a puncher's chance. The addition of assists, though, makes Herro the easy choice. Kuzma dropped four-plus dimes only four times the entire season; Herro has had at least four assists in nine different games this postseason. Tack on the fact Herro has played 43 more minutes than Kuzma this series, and it's a no-brainer.