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Mizzou and Florida had a brawl before halftime. Will it carry into next week? [VIDEO]

It won’t matter much for this week, but who might be sitting out part of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party next week between the Gators and Georgia?

Kadarius Toney of the Florida Gators celebrates scoring a touchdown against the Missouri Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on October 31, 2020 in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Alex de la Osa/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

It was a brouhaha. A melee. A donnybrook. But the implications of which are still being determined.

As time expired in the first half between the Missouri Tigers and the Florida Gators, UF quarterback Kyle Trask threw a Hail Mary from near midfield to try and add another score before heading to the locker room. But Mizzou’s Trajan Jeffcoat added a little extra into his knockdown of Trask after the ball was out, and that upset Gators head coach Dan Mullen.

And somewhere between Mullen storming towards the officials asking for a flag, the benches emptied and we saw a fracas.

Only three players were ejected on the spot, but as the video shows there were plenty more swinging and shoving near midfield. It’ll be up to the Southeastern Conference to sort it out Zapruder-style and levy any additional punishment by Monday.

Mizzou draws the Georgia Bulldogs after a bye on November 14th, and they’re going to lose that game anyway. But the Gators get Georgia next weekend in Jacksonville for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and they’ll want to be at full strength for their biggest regular season game of 2020.

Defensive end Zachary Carter (14 tackles this season) and linebacker Antwuan Powell (doesn’t play) got the gate for the Gators, while Tre Williams (eight tackles) is now gone for the Tigers.

Both teams also received an unsportsmanlike conduct on every player, which means another of those penalties in the second half against any player would be an automatic ejection.

Of course, Dan Mullen did a Dan Mullen thing and tried to fire up the crowd after his team of intercollegiate student-athletes just potentially sullied the good name of the university. I don’t think it seemed to bother him too much.

Maybe he’s got a future as a hype man in the UFC?

Also because you deserve nice things, here’s the brawl but with the Kardashian sisters fighting as the audio. The Internet can be a terrible place, but this makes up for most of it.