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The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Predictions

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” - Season 16

This Basic Batch is back for Week 3 predictions, and Bachelor Nation is gearing up for one doozy of an episode.

While last week was a slow burn, this week promises to be an emo explosion. Will this race for the roses finally offer us some CLARE-ity? (I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. Saw a chance and I took it.) We’re getting closer to finding out. It’s clear that the road to “blowing up the Bachelorette” is getting shorter by the episode and ABC’s promos are hinting at some big changes to the show. Does she ride off with Dale tonight and into the sunset or do we have to endure yet another week of Clare ignoring every man who isn’t named Dale?

Truth is I have no idea, but I do have 10 other predictions and you can too at DraftKings Sportsbook’s Bachelorette Week 3 Prop Pool, which is free to enter and you can win up to $1000… but only Clare can Clare-ify (agreed, that was bad).

Who will mention quarantine first?

  • Clare or Chris Harrison
  • Contestant
  • No One

This group of guys seem to mostly get along. They all seem to enjoy bro-time and genuinely like hanging out with each other. At times, I might actually think they’d rather spend time with each other than with Clare. So it’s my thought that quarantine will come up in some guy-on-guy conversation. I’d hang out in Benett’s Barbie Dream House Suite any day and quarantine with some spa water and his endless supply of face masks. DId I mention I love Bennett? Because I do. I really do.

How many date cards will be given out

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3+

This one’s a toughie. We know things start to blow up, but exactly when they blow up is still sketchy intel. If the drama happens at the end of the night, I say 1-2 date cards are given out before then. We might see a date with Eazy or even Garin. Blake also might be given a chance to redeem himself so we can root for him to be the next Bachelor or get a ticket to Paradise. If the drama happens in the beginning, probably no date cards are given out. Because ABC wants to milk this for all it’s worth, I’d put my money on things taking a turn for the worse after 1 or 2 dates.

How many times will Clare reference her “Journey” (excluding previews)?

  • Over 2.5
  • Under 2.5

We’ve seen the promos. Claire shoulda been the “strong female lead” straight outta Central Casting. Shoulda being the key word here. Bachelor Nation has watched Clare for YEARS. She’s been on this “journey” for over six years, and if you think she’s going to let us forget it, you have another think coming. I bet she says journey over 3 times, and I may even add a zero...

Will Dale receive a one-on-one date card?

  • Yes
  • No

And water is wet. If the whole cast doesn’t implode in the first 10 minutes, my money is on Dale.

Will Bennett reference his job or education?

Did I mention I love Bennett yet? This sweet, goofy face mask wearing, spa water drinking man would never reference his (maybe) snooty job or Ivy education. That’s not his style. I say hard no on that one. I just hope he made it out of the gazebo where Clare last left him…

How many contestants will Claire kiss?

  • 0-1
  • 2-3
  • 4+

The road to Dale is short, but I’m willing to bet Clare will want to spend some time with a few other guys. In an effort to form a stronger-than-Dale connection, I predict a few will try to kiss her.

Will the “La Quinta Resort and Club sign be shown?

  • Yes
  • No

I mean, have you watched the show?!? The product placement game is strong. Viva La Quinta!

Will Yoself be eliminated?

  • Yes
  • No

My God I hope so. Not only did he allegedly do some really gross things to Carly Hammond on Snapchat, but he caused a ton of drama on the show and was pretty awful to Clare. As queens Karen and Georgia say, “Toxic masculinity ruins the party again.” They’re not wrong.

How many people will go home outside of rose ceremonies?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3+

We’ve all heard the rumors of a walk out so I’m betting more than three guys opt not to come back. Claire may send Yoself packing too after his meltdown so that’s one right there. I’m thinking there at least two more at least.

How many roses will be handed out?

  • Over 13.5
  • Under 13.5

Given that there’s maybe an epic walk out and she may leave with Dale (doubtful at this stage but still may happen), I don’t think many roses will be given out tonight. I hope I’m wrong and she at least gives some of the guys a chance, but knowing how things have gone this season, that’s probably as salvageable as Clare’s burned Juan Pablo dress.

My Picks This Week

Dale. Because, well, you know why. When he’s not modeling as a sexy taco for Party City, he’s stealing (or in my case, annoying) hearts across Bachelor Nation. I don’t expect that to change.

Bennett who is hopefully not still waiting in the gazebo is my new favorite. I liked him when he showed up looking like Legally Blonde’s grown up Warner, but I LOVED the more casual Bennett. That button down. Those loafers. That sheet mask! I can’t even! AND SHE LEFT HIM IN THE GAZEBO! Not ok. I’m #justiceforbennett all the way.

Eazy: Eazy could be the next Bachelor. It would be an… Eazy choice? He’s slowly becoming a standout on this season with his Eazy-going and fun attitude. He’s been a favorite of mine since the beginning. He’s cute and cool and hopefully will go far. With Clare or with...someone else…

All right - that wraps up this week of predictions. This Basic Bach is here for the right reasons and I’ll be back with a mini recap of some stand out moments from the show. See you soon and make good choices. XO