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Indiana defeats #8 Penn State in the closest game you will ever see

An unnecessary touchdown, the call of the season, and the closest video review you ever conceive of combine to see the Hoosiers stun Penn State in Bloomington.

Michael Penix Jr. of the Indiana Hoosiers looks on before a game against the Penn State Nittany Lions at Memorial Stadium on October 24, 2020 in Bloomington, Indiana. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

UPDATE 9:20 p.m.: Because of how close it was, DraftKings has agreed to refund all bets that had Penn State on the moneyline to win.

You cannot begin to discuss the Penn State vs. Indiana game rationally.

Penn State led 21-20 with 1:42 remaining, and Indiana decided to let Penn State score. But since the Hoosiers were out of timeouts, all running back Devyn Ford had to do was kneel down between the first down marker at the three-yard line and the goal line. And that’s it. The game is over and Happy Valley is happy.

But he scored, the Nittany Lions kicked the extra point, and it was 28-20 with just over 100 seconds to play.

Indiana took over on the 25-yard line, and some fantastic play from Hoosiers quarterback Michael Penix Jr. led IU to a TD with 22 seconds remaining. They still needed a deuce, and Indiana then went empty with Penix Jr., who snuck in via quarterback draw to tie it.

Then Indiana kicker Jared Smolar kicked it off... all of 14 yards with a busted squib attempt. It let Penn State take a shot at a 57-yard field goal with eight seconds remaining from Jordan Stout, but he came up about a yard short. Also why James Franklin was trying this field goal when he could get at least a few more yards before the kick beyond all rational thinking.

The Nittany Lions lost the coin toss, and quickly scored a touchdown on their first possession in overtime. But Indiana matched... and did the thing you’re supposed to do that no one ever does. Head coach Tom Allen went for two and the win.

IU called Penix’s number again... and here we go.

It literally could not be any closer. Look at this:

But they called it a touchdown on the field, and the video review let it stand.

It’s Indiana’s first Top 10 win since 1987. And you know what? When you’ve waited 33 years for a big win like this, when it’s this close... they absolutely made the right call.