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2 D/ST to start and 2 to fade in Week 6 fantasy football

Don’t overlook the impact the right D/ST can have on your fantasy fortunes.

NFL Price Check Week 6- Defense/Special Teams

Pick the right defense, and it can really turn your week around in fantasy football. But choose the wrong one, and, well, there’s nothing worse than agonizing over a narrow loss in a week your starting D/ST barely managed to break five points. Here’s our D/ST advice for Week 6.

D/ST to start

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts D/ST has scored double digit points every week this season, quietly becoming one of the best units in fantasy football. This week they get to play the Bengals, and if recent history is any guide, they should be in for a huge day. In two games this season against vastly inferior opponents, the Colts put up really big numbers. Against the Vikings in Week 2, Indy’s defense allowed 11 points, had three picks, and three sacks. The numbers were even better in Week 3 against the Jets: seven points allowed, three interceptions, and two sacks.

Miami Dolphins

It’s not just that the Dolphins are playing the Jets, owners of the worst offense in football, they’ve actually been putting up solid numbers lately on their own. Over their last three games, Miami has 11 sacks, four interceptions, and two fumbles. They broke double digits in two of those three games too. And, yes, there is the woeful Jets offense there to give them a hand; New York has the league’s worst scoring average at 15 points per game, and they’ve only topped that number twice.

D/ST to sit

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have been a good streaming option lately, scoring double digit points in two of their last three, including a tough game against the Colts. They’re on a hot streak too with seven sacks, six interceptions, and four fumbles in those last three games. But this week, they’re taking on a Steelers team that doesn’t turn the ball over much (just one pick all year) and has too many ways to score.

Los Angeles Rams

A lot of people like the Rams D/ST this week. It’s justified because they’ve playing really well, as evidenced by their astonishing 17 sacks in the last three games. The appeal this week is based in part on the 49ers’ recent struggles, most notable last week against Miami. However, I don’t see the Niners on the verge of an offensive slump. To me, their 43-17 loss last week had much more to do with injured players shaking off the rust. They’ll be more dialed in this week, thus limiting the number of fantasy points the Rams defense can put on the board.