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Saints or Vikings D/ST in Wild Card DFS

Going against a high powered Saints offense, does the Vikings D/ST still warrant a roster spot in your Showdown lineups?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Will Grier is sacked by New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and defensive back Patrick Robinson in the second quarter at Bank of America Stadium. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game that could feature a lot of aerial attacks, as both defenses are ones you can throw against. It’ll be interesting to see if the Vikings are forced to get away from their run game, which they implemented on 47% of their offensive snaps during the regular season. We have quite the salary gap for these D/STs, with the Saints at $4,200 and the Vikings at $3,000. The Saints averaged 8.9 DKFP with 13 interceptions and 51 sacks, which was the third-highest total in the league. The Vikings averaged 9.1 DKFP with 17 interceptions and 48 sacks.

Daily fantasy football analysis: Saints D/ST, Vikings D/ST

I feel as though the Saints D/ST were one of the more underrated units this season. They generated over three sacks a game but could have a hard time getting to Kirk Cousins ($9,400), who only took 28 on the year for an average of 1.8 per game. Cousins also only threw six interceptions, which is his lowest total since his rookie year in 2012 when he appeared in three games.

The Saints biggest strength, however, has been their run defense. Against a team that uses Dalvin Cook ($10,000) so heavily, this will be vital. On the year, the Saints allowed an average of just 64 rushing and 39 receiving with 11 total touchdowns scored by opposing backs. While that doesn’t necessarily translate to fantasy points, potentially taking away their best weapon certainly doesn’t help them put points on the board either. Thus, the Vikings could be forced to move the ball through the air more, where the potential for turnovers is higher. This isn’t a slam dunk matchup for the Saints by any means but this does create some opportunities.

The Vikings, meanwhile, had a very good end to the season defensively. Over the last five games, they allowed an average of just 19.2 points per game while averaging 12.8 DKFP. They nabbed seven interceptions and registered 17 sacks, which accounted for 41% and 35% of their season totals respectively. Well, it all looks great, the competition, for the most part, we can safely say was less than stellar. Sure, the Packers and Seahawks were in the mix but they really beat up on the Bears, Chargers and Lions. Drew Brees ($11,600) only took 12 (!) sacks the entire season and was picked off four times. Not exactly numbers you want to see if you’re looking to take the Vikings D/ST, right?

The Vikings secondary has also had a number of issues this season and allowed an average of 24.2 DKFP and 170 receiving yards to opposing receivers. Oh, did we mention Micheal Thomas ($12,800) is on the Saints? With all this in mind, I have no doubt that the Vikings will be a very tough sell for many when building lineups and rightfully so.

Daily fantasy recommendation

For me, this isn’t even close. The Saints are by far the more superior option to choose and should be the one to focus on when building your lineups. The Vikings simply don’t provide much upside in a matchup where they’ll likely struggle immensely.