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Lil Wayne drops new album before Super Bowl

If you’re looking for a reason to bet on the 49ers, this might be it. Kyle Shanahan is a huge fan of Lil Wayne.

Kyle Shanahan and his son holding up Lil Wayne merchandise

Rapper Lil Wayne dropped a new album on the Friday before Super Bowl 54, titled Funeral. Most news gets lost in the wake of Super Bowl insanity, but it’s safe to say this will get some love through the weekend and into next week even with the biggest American sports day approaching.

If you have followed the San Francisco 49ers since Kyle Shanahan took over, you likely know that he is a huge fan if Lil Wayne. The 49ers head coach named his son after the rapper. Not too long after that, the rapper found out and sent a gift package to Shanahan and his son.

If you’re looking for an extra edge in deciding to bet on the 49ers, this might be it. He doesn’t need anything else to fire him up, but a new Lil Wayne album might be enough to push him over the top. Who knows, but in a fairly balanced matchup, everyone’s looking for an extra edge. I’ll just say that maybe Lil Wayne can be that edge!