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DFS Showdown prices for Vikings-Saints Wild Card game

We break down the DraftKings Showdown prices for Vikings vs. Saints. This could turn into a shootout which offers some deeper value for Vikings players.

The New Orleans Saints host the Minnesota Vikings in the 2020 Wild Card round, and that brings with it DraftKings Showdown for the daily fantasy football crowd. You can play the full slate, but it can be more fun drilling down on a single game (or four single games if you want to play Showdown all weekend!).

DraftKings released pricing for the NFC Wild Card games on Thursday following AFC prices earlier in the week. We’ve dropped the full range of prices, covering both the Captain slots and Flex slots.

It’s no surprise Michael Thomas and Drew Brees top the list. It will be interesting to see how many people pair them up and go cheap much of the rest of the way. It would increase the degree of difficulty on the rest of the roster, but the Brees-Thomas connection is as close to a certainty as you can get in daily fantasy.

If you are looking for Sleeper Captain options, you might have to roll the dice on this turning into a shootout and Kirk Cousins having a big game. With Adam Thielen not 100 percent healthy, Stefon Diggs will continue seeing plenty of targets. Diggs, Cousins, or Dalvin Cook would be the best sleeper options if you’re comfortable rolling the dice on that. For the Saints, Alvin Kamara is worth a look as well.

Vikings-Saints Wild Card Showdown prices

Pos Name Roster Salary Team Points per game
Pos Name Roster Salary Team Points per game
WR Michael Thomas CPT 19200 NO 25.29
QB Drew Brees CPT 17400 NO 22.16
RB Dalvin Cook CPT 15000 MIN 22.1
RB Alvin Kamara CPT 14400 NO 17.82
QB Kirk Cousins CPT 14100 MIN 17.7
WR Michael Thomas FLEX 12800 NO 25.29
WR Stefon Diggs CPT 12600 MIN 15.34
QB Drew Brees FLEX 11600 NO 22.16
WR Adam Thielen CPT 11100 MIN 11.74
TE Jared Cook CPT 10200 NO 11.96
RB Dalvin Cook FLEX 10000 MIN 22.1
RB Alvin Kamara FLEX 9600 NO 17.82
QB Kirk Cousins FLEX 9400 MIN 17.7
QB Sean Mannion CPT 9000 MIN 0.51
QB Teddy Bridgewater CPT 9000 NO 10.61
WR Stefon Diggs FLEX 8400 MIN 15.34
RB Latavius Murray CPT 8400 NO 10.2
WR Adam Thielen FLEX 7400 MIN 11.74
RB Alexander Mattison CPT 7200 MIN 5.34
TE Kyle Rudolph CPT 6900 MIN 7.11
TE Jared Cook FLEX 6800 NO 11.96
WR Tre'Quan Smith CPT 6600 NO 6.49
DST Saints CPT 6300 NO 8.94
QB Sean Mannion FLEX 6000 MIN 0.51
QB Teddy Bridgewater FLEX 6000 NO 10.61
K Wil Lutz CPT 6000 NO 10.19
K Dan Bailey CPT 5700 MIN 8.25
RB Latavius Murray FLEX 5600 NO 10.2
WR Ted Ginn Jr. CPT 5400 NO 5.56
RB Mike Boone CPT 5100 MIN 3.31
RB Alexander Mattison FLEX 4800 MIN 5.34
WR Olabisi Johnson CPT 4800 MIN 4.94
TE Kyle Rudolph FLEX 4600 MIN 7.11
DST Vikings CPT 4500 MIN 9.06
WR Tre'Quan Smith FLEX 4400 NO 6.49
DST Saints FLEX 4200 NO 8.94
TE Josh Hill CPT 4200 NO 4.1
K Wil Lutz FLEX 4000 NO 10.19
K Dan Bailey FLEX 3800 MIN 8.25
WR Ted Ginn Jr. FLEX 3600 NO 5.56
RB Mike Boone FLEX 3400 MIN 3.31
WR Olabisi Johnson FLEX 3200 MIN 4.94
DST Vikings FLEX 3000 MIN 9.06
QB Taysom Hill CPT 3000 NO 6.39
TE Josh Hill FLEX 2800 NO 4.1
RB Ameer Abdullah CPT 2400 MIN 2.52
TE Irv Smith Jr. CPT 2100 MIN 4.94
QB Taysom Hill FLEX 2000 NO 6.39
WR Laquon Treadwell CPT 1800 MIN 2.57
RB Ameer Abdullah FLEX 1600 MIN 2.52
RB Ricky Ortiz CPT 1500 NO 1.8
TE Irv Smith Jr. FLEX 1400 MIN 4.94
WR Laquon Treadwell FLEX 1200 MIN 2.57
RB C.J. Ham CPT 1200 MIN 2.41
WR Alexander Hollins CPT 1200 MIN 1.32
RB Dwayne Washington CPT 1200 NO 0.48
RB Ricky Ortiz FLEX 1000 NO 1.8
WR Deonte Harris CPT 900 NO 1.18
RB C.J. Ham FLEX 800 MIN 2.41
WR Alexander Hollins FLEX 800 MIN 1.32
RB Dwayne Washington FLEX 800 NO 0.48
WR Deonte Harris FLEX 600 NO 1.18
RB Zach Line CPT 300 NO 0.97
WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey CPT 300 NO 0
TE Tyler Conklin CPT 300 MIN 0.92
RB Zach Line FLEX 200 NO 0.97
WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey FLEX 200 NO 0
TE Tyler Conklin FLEX 200 MIN 0.92