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Best possible trade destinations for Bogdan Bogdanovic before deadline

We break down possible trade destinations for Kings SG/SF Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Sacramento Kings v Detroit Pistons Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

Bogdan Bogdanovic has battled injury issues this season, which most recently cost him nine games between late December and early January. However, Bogdanovic appears to be healthy now, as he has played in four consecutive games after missing extended time, and his status is trending up due to a boost in role. Buddy Hield was moved to the bench in Sacramento’s most recent game to open up a spot in the starting five for Bogdanovic. While a recent report from James Ham of NBC Sports California indicates that the Kings are unlikely to move Bogdanovic before the Feb. 6 trade deadline, his name has been linked in trade rumors. Here are some teams that could benefit from acquiring Bogdanovic.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers badly need another versatile player who can both handle the ball and shoot. The team’s offensive numbers have cratered in minutes with Lakers PG/SF LeBron James off the court this season in part due to a lack of another playmaker who can create offense. Los Angeles has scored a strong 114 points per 100 possessions in minutes with James on the court, better than the league average of 110 points per 100 possessions. However, the Lakers have scored just 104 points per 100 possessions in minutes with James off the court, which would rank at the bottom of the league over the course of a full season.

Bogdanovic could help plug up some of the Lakers’ offensive issues when James rests during the game. The Kings have reportedly been interested in Lakers SF/PF Kyle Kuzma, and Kuzma could potentially serve as a key piece in a return for Bogdanovic if the sides can agree on a price.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers could use another player who can threaten from the perimeter, as 76ers PG/SF Ben Simmons thrives when shooters can space the floor and open up driving lanes to the basket. Bogdanovic is a career 37.5% shooter from 3-point range and is shooting 37.3% from 3 this season, which is better than the league average of 35.5%. Bogdanovic could be a useful weapon for the 76ers and gives them the flexibility to use smaller lineups more often if the matchup or situation calls for it.

Brooklyn Nets

Nets PG Kyrie Irving recently voiced his desire for the Nets to upgrade the team, saying the Nets needed at least one or two more pieces to complement himself and the rest of the roster’s key players. Bogdanovic’s skill set could be a good fit at wing for a Nets team that is currently treading water with the eighth seed in the East. The Nets have been poor offensively, ranking as the league’s sixth worst offense by points scored per possession, and Bogdanovic could give the Nets an offensive boost.