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Why you should trade Jrue Holiday in season-long Fantasy Basketball

Jrue Holiday was supposed to be New Orleans’ No. 1 option in 2019-20. Is it time to stop waiting for that narrative to come to fruition?

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into 2019-20, expectations were high for Jrue Holiday. Sure, the rotation in New Orleans was a massive question mark considering the roster overhaul that had taken place during the summer; however, Holiday had shown himself to be one of the NBA’s premier point guards in a campaign where the Anthony Davis saga thrust him into the role of a No. 1 option. Heck, there was a group of people who seriously considered the veteran a fringe first-round pick in re-draft formats, a guard buoyed by a system that operated at the Western Conference’s highest pace. Sadly, it hasn’t seemed to ever come together.

Why you should trade Jrue Holiday in Fantasy Basketball

The youth movement currently taking place with the Pelicans is honestly a bigger threat to Holiday’s fantasy productivity than the once rampant trade rumors that surrounded the 29-year-old. Consider Holiday’s role as alpha dog in 2018-19. Even with Davis playing in 56 contests, Holiday led his team in average time of possession per game (5.6 minutes) and touches per game (86.3). That’s no longer the case. Lonzo Ball actually leads all Western Conference players in touches per night so far in January (100.0) and while part of that was due to a Holiday injury, he’s received over 35 more touches than Holiday on average in the latter’s two starts since returning to action. Add in high usage pieces in Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson and I’d be looking to deal Holiday immediately following his next big performance. The direction of the franchise is clear. The writing is on the wall.