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Why you should pick a fullback for your Pro Bowl Showdown lineup

You’ve been waiting all year, but Sunday’s Pro Bowl is finally the chance to unleash a fullback in daily fantasy football!

The 2020 NFL Pro Bowl kicks off Sunday after at 3:00 p.m. ET in Orlando, and the Super Bowl bye week game offers a unique daily fantasy opportunity. We’re running out of time to play DFS contest with the NFL, and the final two games offer significant disparities.

The Super Bowl Showdown contest will feature players competing for all the marbles. We’ll see plenty of roster options out there, but teams aren’t going to be leaning on the players who have contributed all season long.

The Pro Bowl Showdown contest will feature players just looking to have a good time. A sizable chunk of players will play less than a half of football, with plenty going no more than a single quarter. It means you have to get creative in sorting through roster options and figuring out who will make the biggest impact.

The traditional skill positions are easy pickings, but the fullback position is where you are potentially find the biggest bang for your buck. Last year, Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman had four rushes for 11 yards and a touchdown and caught three passes for 92 yards, ending the game with the most yards from scrimmage. Two years prior to that, 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk had eight rushing yards but added five receptions for 43 yards.

There are no guarantees with any player in the Pro Bowl, but if you want to invest heavily elsewhere, $600 C.J. Ham and $200 Patrick Ricard both offer tremendous value for their price. Both have their quarterback in the game, with Ham’s QB Kirk Cousins likely coming in as the third NFC quarterback and Ricard’s quarterback Lamar Jackson starting for the AFC.

Fullbacks are traditionally of little value in traditional or daily fantasy football. However, the Pro Bowl is when we see coaches and quarterbacks willing to do what they can to get the ball in the hands of non-traditional players. We’ll see offensive and defensive linemen get some opportunities, and one of the two fullbacks will potentially stand out. With so many questions surrounding who will get what playing time, a fullback could be the star of DFS at the Pro Bowl.