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Dame: Jusuf Nurkic put in full practice Wednesday

Trail Blazers C is working himself back from compound fracture in his left leg.

Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic reacts in the first quarter against the Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena. The Raptors beat the Trail Blazers 119-117. Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers C Jusuf Nurkic put in a full practice on Wednesday, Damian Lillard told reporters. Nurkic has been working his way back from a compound fracture in his left leg suffered last season.

Nurk said in December he was at about 60%, so we’re getting close to 100%. The target date has been after the All-Star break for a return for Nurkic. The Blazers desperately need Nurkic’s size back in the lineup and his return would help Portland get back into the playoff picture in the West.

Fantasy basketball analysis: Portland Trail Blazers C Hassan Whiteside

When Nurkic is back, how will it impact Hassan Whiteside? Well, it’ll be interesting to see if the Blazers opt to start both Nurk and Whiteside in the front court with Carmelo Anthony at SF. This makes a little bit of sense, but Nurk and Whiteside both play center traditionally and I’m not sure who would work as the PF. It’s not a bad problem to have really. Both players are solid defenders and passers.