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Four players suspended for role in Kansas-Kansas State brawl

It was a wild night at Allen Fieldhouse and suspensions are starting to be handed down for Kansas and Kansas State players.

Silvio De Sousa of the Kansas Jayhawks picks up a chair during a brawl as the game against the Kansas State Wildcats ends at Allen Fieldhouse on January 21, 2020 in Lawrence, Kansas. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

UPDATE: A press release announced that four players were suspended for their roles in Tuesday’s fight during the Kansas-Kansas State basketball game. For Kansas, forward Silvio De Sousa has been suspended 12 games and forward David McCormack has been suspended 2 games. For Kansas State, forward James Love has been suspended 8 games, and forward Antonio Gordon has been suspended 3 games.

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self announced on Wednesday that forward Silvio De Sousa is suspended indefinitely for his role in the Tuesday evening brawl with the Kansas State Wildcats.

Late in the a blowout Kansas win, Kansas State guard DeJuan Gordon stole the ball from De Sousa and went in for a layup. De Sousa came in hard for the block and that was immediately followed by trash-talk and then benches clearing.

De Sousa was not the only player involved but he was arguably the most prominent on the video that flooded social media after the fight. He was in the middle of the altercation and at one point had a stool in his hands.

Indefinite suspensions can mean a variety of things, but he’ll miss at least this weekend’s matchup with the 12-6 Tennessee Volunteers. Self likely will offer more details at some point as to the length of De Sousa’s suspension.

There are likely to be other suspensions, but for the time being, De Sousa’s is the only one made public.